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'The River'

Casting notice expires: January 13, 2014

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Audible Scripts
Kirk Ziegler, casting dir.

Production Description

Audible Scripts is casting the audio screenplay of "The River." Logline: Seeking solace on a mountain river, a guilt-ridden defense attorney meets the woman of his dreams; only to discover that her daughter was killed by a man he set free.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Records via Skype Jan. 2014 on your home computer.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Profit participation. Company states: "Production will be marketed on Audible/Amazon."


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Logline: Seeking solace on a mountain river, a guilt-ridden defense attorney meets the woman of his dreams; only to discover that her daughter was killed by a man he set free.

Synopsis: Reis Crawford made a name for himself in the legal field by winning cases other attorneys thought were lost causes. Courted and groomed by one of Seattle’s oldest and most prestigious law firms, Reis enjoys a life of money and power he could only dream of as a child.

One of Reis’ most high profile clients is Ray Lyons, a prominent Seattle real estate developer. Reis has successfully represented him in six DUI cases, all of them dismissed through artful legal arguments and dogged fact-finding. But the stakes escalate when Lyons is arrested again for drunk driving. This time, he's also charged with vehicular homicide.

Realizing that having kept a client with a drinking problem out of jail may have resulted in someone’s death, Reis takes a sabbatical from the firm and escapes to the Skykomish River to fish for steelhead and to work through his guilt. On the river, Reis meets Amanda Black, a wholesomely beautiful woman who, like him, enjoys the solace of chasing steelhead. Amanda is the first woman in a long time who's stirred his interest beyond a simple one-night-stand.

The couple share more than a passion for steelhead fishing and a romance ignites, the perfect relationship - until Reis makes the sickening discovery that his DUI client was the party responsible for the death of Amanda’s daughter. Will Reis hide the truth from her? Or disclose his involvement in the death or her daughter and risk losing her forever?

Character Breakdown & Audition Sides

Audition Script: The State will call Mr. Diamond and not ask a single question about the
content of the conversation between the defendant and the confidential informant. Rather, the State will limit our questioning to the narrow issue of whether Mr. Diamond witnessed the defendant and the informant having a heated discussion. This in and of itself will establish the fact that the defendant knew and had contact with
the missing informant and it will be up to the trier of fact to determine who is telling the truth.

AMANDA BLACK: Age 32, wholesome girl next door who experienced enough tragedy and heartbreak for a lifetime. Her husband died of cancer leaving her a single mother up until her young daughter is killed in a traffic accident caused by Ray Lyons. Despite her tragic loss, CJK is suing her for negligent driving in an attempt to shift criminal liability away from Lyons. Audition Side
Audition Script: I lost my little angel. I shouldn’t have been driving. It was cold, icy.
I should have stayed in Seattle. If I just listened to Joanna and stayed, Chelsea would still be alive. I’m trying to move on, but they won’t let me. Those bastards. A day after I buried my angel they sued me.

WILLIAM KENNEDY: Age 65, the Senior Partner of Cameron Jordan & Kennedy. Sees Reis as a young version of himself and as the son he always wanted. A powerful man in the legal community who accomplishes his often less than honorable goals through manipulation of those around him. He gets what he wants through whatever means necessary, legal or not. Audition Side
Audition Script: You will show in court that Lyons is not responsible for the accident. We’ve retained two of the University’s top meteorologist who will testify that the weather conditions were responsible for the accident. Fog and black ice caused
the collision. Not Lyons.

LARRY MITCHELL: Age 34, Senior City Prosecutor and jaded beyond his years. Views his job as a prosecutor as just a job with no high ideals of truth or justice. Plays hard but fair and occasionally bends the rules in pursuit of justice. Audition Side
Audition Script: Actually, I was wondering what took them so long. Big firms carry a lot of weight around here. CJK made a couple of calls, a couple of vague, baseless
accusations and the Bar, feeling the pressure sends out an emergency suspension. Of course it’s bullshit, but that’s part of their game. Bury you in paperwork to a point where it’s too expensive or too burdensome to continue. You know how that goes.

HEATHER STACKS: Age 27, a former beauty queen whose looks brought her local fame as a newscaster. One big story away from hitting the big time, her Machiavellian mind will stop at nothing to get the exclusive story or to win back Reis, her former lover. Audition Side

Audition Script: We have a win-win opportunity. You give me exclusive rights to interview you and Lyons and I’ll make sure you come out smelling like a rose. The way I see it, you can either be the bastard lawyer who represents guilty clients or you can be the heroic attorney fighting for the rights of your client who is being scape-goated by the city.

CHAD BRAUN: Age 30, an Associate Attorney at CJK working under Reis. Chad admires Reis but harbors deep jealously in his position as a subordinate, a position he has never been in before. Considers Reis to be one of his best friends, but will do anything to move up in the legal profession and to live the life he believes Reis lives. Audition Side
Audition Script: Thank you, your honor. This is a simple matter based on the long standing and well reasoned rule on hearsay. We are merely requesting this court exclude all testimony from State’s witness Brock Diamond as anything he may potentially testify to regarding a conversation he allegedly overheard with my client and the State’s confidential informant is clearly hearsay. The informant cannot be located and will not be able to testify in person.

RAY LYONS: Age 62, a successful real estate developer with blue-collar roots who amassed his fortune through hard work and a lot of luck. One of CJK’s biggest accounts for commercial real estate work, Ray has become one of Reis’ most active clients with multiple charges of DUI, all dismissed by Reis. Audition Side
Audition Script: I’m in county lock-up. Got hit with another DUI after a fender
bender. (Reis: What? I thought you were sober?) I was. I mean I am, but you know how these cops are always harassing me. I swear to you on my kids’ lives I wasn’t drunk.

JOANNA: Age 32, fashionable, modern and more comfortable in the city than the country. Amanda's best friend since college despite being the exact opposite in terms of taste and desires. Helped Amanda through her tough times and only wants the best for her. Audition Side
Audition Script: Hey sweetie, was just thinking about you. How’s life in the great outdoors? ……...When in the last ten years have you seen me in hiking boots and flannel? …..Riiiiight. You relax by freezing your ass in the water, I’ll relax my ass on a massage table...What’s on your mind? …. Finally hooked something worthwhile, eh?

SEAN: Age 40, works at the fishing store where Reis shops. Dispenses fishing and life advice from behind the counter. Audition Side
Audition Script: Who? Old man Thomas? He’s been fishing the river for 50 years. Comes in every Saturday. Want me to introduce you two?

MIKE: Age 55, owner of the fishing store. Cheerfully dispenses wisdom about fishing as a metaphor for life. Audition Side
Audition Script: How’s the fishing been lately? Depends why you’re out there. To fish, or to catch fish.

Kyle: Male Audition Side
Audition Script: Hey, uh, things are good. I’m not sure what’s going on but I thought I owed it to you to deliver this personally. I’m sorry. You know that I’ll do whatever I
can to help you out. Seriously, call me.

STAFF MEMBER: Audition Side
Audition Script: You gonna join us at Sluggers? Dollar fifty PBR pints. Larry’s buying the first round. ……. Roger that. Don’t be working too late, you’re already making less than minimum wage.

JUDGE TORRE: Male, Age 65 Audition Side
Audition Script: As well they should be. You do a fine job representing your clients. (beat) Look, I’m not one to legislate morality from the bench but maybe you should talk with your client. Not as his attorney, but as his friend.

JUDGE WESTON: Age 60 Audition Side
Audition Script: Are you telling the court that you don’t know where the Informant is?
Or what happened to him? …… Excellent point. Defendant’s motion to exclude is denied. Mr. Diamond may be called as a witness with the caveat that the State may
examine him on the context of the conversation but not the content of the conversation he may have heard between the defendant and the missing informant.

MICHELLE: Age 25, pretty but nothing more than a notch on Reis’ belt. Audition Side
Audition Script: ...and I’m making plans for the Nutcracker next week. I hear the production is fabulous! You two should come with.

SUSAN: Age 23, pretty but nothing more than a notch on Reis’ belt. Audition Side
Audition Script: More coffee, sir? …… I’m doing very well, thank you.

DOCTOR: Age 45 Audition Side
Audition Script: Amanda is resting now. She ingested quite a bit of water but thanks to you she’ll be fine. We need to keep her here for a few days for observation. You may visit her for a few minutes.

NEWS ANCHOR: Audition Side
Audition Script: Seattle real estate developer Ray Lyons was involved in a two car
accident in Kirkland with one confirmed dead. Alcohol is suspected.

RADIO PERSONALITY: Male - Brash shock jock taking great joy in the fall of Ray Lyons and blames Reis for always coming to Lyons’ rescue. Audition Side
Audition Script: Six DUIs! Six! Each time his scum lawyer gets him off! Screw Lyons, he’s an idiot! They should hang his crooked lawyer!

Audition Script: Tonight on Seven at seven, new developments in the vehicular homicide case against local real estate magnate Ray Lyons.

NURSE: Audition Side
Audition Script: Excuse me sir, are you alright? Do you want me to call someone for you?

RECEPTIONIST: Female Audition Side
Audition Script: Mr. Crawford, Channel Five is on line one, Channel Four is on line two
and Channel 13 is on line three.

BAILIFF: Audition Side
Audition Script: All rise. Honorable Carson Weston presiding. First matter on today’s calendar, State v. Sadler.

YOUNG BOY: Age 10, standing waist deep in the frigid river with his father, bored and tired until he sees Reis walking up with two bright steelhead. Ecstatic at catching his first steelhead on a jig given to him by Reis. Audition Side
Audition Script: Wow! You catch those here? I’ve never caught a fish like that.
I got one! I got one! Dad! I got one.