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'The Violation'

Casting notice expires: June 1, 2013

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Wes Kalbus, Rahul Malhotra, & Nick Milo, casting

Production Description

Casting "The Violation," in which a criminal psychology student has a heart-to-heart with a man that tries to rape her. Producer states: "This 14-page short will be produced on a budget of about $3,000 and is intended to be professional quality. This will be submitted to Sundance, and other major film festivals/competitions. We are all small names in the industry, but would like to change that. This is a dark, psychologically disturbing short, so if you are offended or turned off by things like that, then this is fair warning. However, the message is powerful, and it has a very emotional ending."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearses and shoots in San Diego, CA (exact dates TBD).

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $50 for lead roles only; credit provided for all roles.


Seeking submissions from: Mira Mesa, CA Sign up or Log In to apply.

The Violation - first three pages.

It looks fairly well-lived in; there are some pictures of relatives on the mantle, a TV and a laptop in the living room, and lots of papers and other random items scattered everywhere. We can hear the shower running, and some humming coming from the bathroom.
As we hear the bathroom door open, FIX for a second on the textbook "CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY".
LIA THOMPSON, 21, covered in a towel and hurriedly throwing on some real clothes, walks out of the bathroom. She's a psychology undergrad in criminal justice.
Now fully clothed, she grabs an Ipod and a water battle, and leaves through the front door.
Lia jogs through the almost pitch-black park, following a pavement trail.
LIA (V.O.)
Yeah, I know - what's a young woman doing jogging at night in Los Angeles? Is she fucking out of her mind?
(a beat)
I like it, alright? It clears my head.
She takes a drink of water and continues to jog along the path.
I'm not too concerned; paranoia cannot rule our lives, that kind of attitude creates hermits and shut-ins. Besides, my father was special forces. He taught me how to take care of myself. Not that I've needed to, thankfully.
A darkly dressed figure in a ski mask rushes at her from behind a tree, and grabs her from behind, pressing a knife against her throat.
RUSS EVERETT, 33, recently release from prison on a sexual assault charge. Obviously, jail did not teach him his lesson.

Do exactly what I say and you'll get to keep that pretty little head.
He reaches for her pants.
Without hesitation, Lia elbows him in the stomach, smashes the back of her head into his face, breaks his grip on the knife, and, spinning around, delivers a bone-shattering kick to his thigh.
LIA (V.O.)
Well, there's a first time for everything.
You picked the wrong girl to fuck with.
She stares at him, writhing in pain, and seems to realize she's holding his knife.
Thinking a bit, she takes a few steps closer, brandishing it at him.
Get up!
The fuck, lady? You a ninja or some shit?
Lia screams at him.
I said GET UP, you fucking scum! Do it now or I'll cut your fucking throat.
He tries to stagger to his feet, but her kick seems to have dismantled his ability to stand.
I think you broke my fucking leg.
Oh, boo fucking hoo.
(a beat)
Give me your wallet.
He wheezes out a laugh.
You're seriously robbing me?
Do it!
He rummages around in his pocket and throws it at her feet. Still pointing the knife at his throat, she picks it up.
Lia flips it open, and takes out his driver's license. She takes a look at it, pockets it, and throws the wallet back at his face.
Russell Everett, I now know where you live. That's a dangerous thing, isn't it?
The fuck do you want?
I want to know.
What? You wanna know what? Are you fucking crazy?
Don't test me, asshole. Why do you rape women?
He gestures to his bloody face and bent leg.
Are you fucking kidding me? Take me to a hospital, lady!
Do you even understand the position you're in? I could take out my pretty pink little cell phone and call 911 right now. You left fingerprints all over my neck, you dumb fuck. Try gloves next time.
She kicks him in the injured leg, and he howls like a stuck pig.
Answer me! What sick urge compels you to do -
I DON'T KNOW, okay?!