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The Working Actor School

Casting notice expires: November 15, 2013

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Live IN Theater Productions
Carlo D'Amore, artistic dir.

Production Description

The Working Actor School is seeking actors/students for its 2014 semester/season. Actors chosen to study at The Working Actor School will be trained to become company members for Live In Theater, with guaranteed paid performance opportunities. Curriculum includes: Scene Study, Improvisation, Clowning, Monologue, Audition Technique, Self-Marketing, Interactive Theater, and Creative Writing & Developing Original Content.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Training runs Jan. 6-April, 2014 (7-10 p.m., three times/wk.). Simultaneously, intensive rehearsals run March-April, 2014 to prepare for the fifth season of "The Lombardi Case 1975," in addition to two new productions; all three productions run April-Nov. 2014 (mostly weekends, with additional performances TBA).

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Tuition is $3995.00; scholarships & payment plans are available. After completing approx. three months of training, students will be cast in paid performances as company members of Live IN Theater, which reduces tuition costs by 20 percent.


Seeking submissions from: New York City, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Artistic Director's Mission Statement

"The basic principal behind The Working Actor School is that you can get all the training you want, but until you get actual live performance experience outside of classroom environment, training is just that--training. The work of Live IN Theater has been seen by 25,000 people in New York and new productions are launching in several other American cities. In 2012 we received a prestigious Drama Desk nomination for 'Unique Theatrical Experience.' In January 2014, we will venture into training actors to become professional theater artists. These handpicked individuals (no more than 15 in total) will become part of the Live IN Theater Company for 11 months. They will receive training for three months and gain eight months of paid live performance experience by this critically acclaimed New York City Company.

Due to the interactive nature of its performances, what Live IN Theater offers its actors transcends acting into 'living' in imagined circumstances. The process starts with high-stakes material in which the characters are fighting for their lives. The setting is the streets on New York City--the real world. The audience is literally face-to-face with the performers. There is simply nowhere for the actor to hide, he/she must sink or swim. Here his/her technique is seamless, because the character's thought process is simply responding to 'real life.' This performance training is at the core of what sets the Live IN Theater actor apart from his/her contemporaries. The listening is sharpened into a hyper acute awareness, because they are responding to multiple scene partners (the audience) all at once. The storytelling is clear and focused--there is no time here for generalities. Their thousand-percent commitment to the reality of the given circumstances deepens their emotional life, and the improvisational nature of the material makes their emotions more readily available. Live IN Theater provides actors with these tools as a way for reawakening their childlike sense of play, the main ingredient crucial for becoming a truly great actor.

Creative director and owner of Live IN Theater Carlo D’Amore has been creating a repertoire of highly popular and critically acclaimed shows since 2009. In-classroom training will be taught by Carlo D’Amore and a diverse group of working professionals who have been selected by Live IN Theater--these working professionals have national and international credits including Broadway, feature film, and television as well as notable awards and nominations.

Each student/company member will be assigned at least two diverse roles in up to three productions running April-Nov., as well as the opportunity to understudy and perform multiple roles in all of the productions. Through the 2014 season student/company members will embody these roles and grow and deepen their repertoire.

This is at the core of the invaluable benefit that The Working Actor School will provide, and something you will get nowhere else. Each student/company member will broaden their range, and do it all in front of a live audience, while getting paid for this work!

In summary, students/company members receive training by Carlo D’Amore and other hand selected working professionals; paying work (payment will reduce the cost your of tuition by 20%); the chance to build up their resumes, by adding three additional projects; live performance experience with award winning content, and fun times and fun people in a highly creative environment. In return, we as the company get highly-trained company members well-versed in the work of Live IN Theater."

Actor Testimonials

We have seen the effect our work has had on the skilled actors employed by us. Here are a few testimonials from some of our current company members:

"Carlo is one of those great acting teachers and directors who manages to teach you so much without making it feel like class or work. He is so incredibly passionate that it can't help but transfer to you and the work that you do under his guidance, and ultimately if you can tap into that passion, you'll be okay no matter what the role. Working in LIT productions is like the Olympics of acting. As an actress who has worked on both film and stage the two present different and equally difficult challenges, but LIT gives you all of those challenges at once! I can't think of a better training tool for an actor... you have the audience right up in your face (like a camera) so you can't hide anything, you have to find truthful moments to be larger than life to compensate for the street around you, you have to have the stamina to maintain during an entire performance, and you have about 15 seconds prep time before you have to be 100% in it as your group rounds the corner. I don't know how he does it, but just in the short time I've worked with Carlo I've overcome so many of my personal blocks as an actress. I guess that's why he's the teacher and I'm the student. Every actor should work with Carlo, and aspire to act in one of his productions. It will truly make you the best you can be."

Leila Bicos, company member, currently performing in "The Murder of Venus Xtravaganza 1988"

"Working with Carlo at Live IN Theater has helped me hone my skills as an actor and in just a couple of months I have experienced, not steps but, leaps in my creativity and abilities. I am twice the actor and triple the person I was before I started with Live IN Theater. No bs!"

Jeffrey Foley, company member, currently performing in "The Ryan Case 1873," "The Lombardi Case 1975" and "The Murder of Venus Xtravaganza 1988"

"For the last three years, I have played Trixypop, a homeless junkie prostitute, in Carlo's production of 'The Lombardi Case 1975.' When Carlo first cast me, I really had no idea what I was doing. I understood the show was interactive---but not what that truly meant. I understood that I was going to be dressed up as a homeless, beat up drug-addicted prostitute, standing outside in the streets of New York City, subject to the scrutiny of the entire world---but again, not what that truly MEANT. All I knew was that this seemed like an incredibly unique opportunity, and it seemed like it was going to be fun, and it was a paying acting job, and this crazy little high-energy eccentric guy directing it seemed to know what he was doing.

So I started to do the show. And at first, it was very, very uncomfortable. And I wasn't sure if I was doing well--especially balancing the improv in the show with the scripted material. But I didn't get fired.
And then I started to notice something--a very simple thing. I started to notice that, when Carlo gave me an adjustment, if I did what he said, I would be good. Simple as that. SIMPLE AS THAT.

So I continued to do the show, and I started to notice something else---that Carlo's direction, the lessons I learn from him and from acting professionally week after week after week, were beginning to carry over into my other acting work. Carlo is a genius. We as Carlo's actors throw around the word 'genius' a lot because it is common knowledge among us that Carlo is basically Mozart. Ask any one of us and we will tell you. I saw Carlo's solo show, and watched him seamlessly play about 25 characters in about an hour. Transitioning instantly from character to character, with absolute precision. It is one thing to trust your director, but it's another thing to be able to trust your director because he's a better actor than you.

If you are Carlo's student or employee, let go of your need to be coddled as an actor. Carlo is going to regard you as a professional---he's not harsh, but he is direct and he is not going to babysit you or hold your hand. You're going to be doing a level of work that is far beyond 'am I doing this right? Is this ok? Am I good?' Just take for granted that you're good---or he wouldn't be spending his time on you. You can trust him. If you do what he says, YOU WILL BE GOOD. Maybe even great. Maybe even brilliant.

Sri Gordon, company member, currently performing in "The Lombardi Case 1975" & "The Murder of Venus Xtravaganza 1988"

"Working with Carlo in his shows has created a 100% improvement in my willingness to trust and go with my impulses as an actor. Since the audience can--and will--say anything, there's little to no time to think or prepare, but simply respond in character from impulses. That's where the best and truest acting comes from, not calculated brain ideas, but flowing in the moment. This kind of uncertainty is a fear that plagues so many actors, including myself before, but now it's incredibly refreshing to be so confident going with the flow of what the audience is giving and discovering new places it can and will go each and every time."

Jason Vance, company member, currently performing in "The Ryan Case 1873," "The Lombardi Case 1975" and "The Murder of Venus Xtravaganza 1988"

"The Lombardi Case 1975" Trailer

"The Ryan Case 1873" Trailer