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Production: 'Travis and Tabitha'

Travis Harris (Lead)

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Production Details

Casting "Travis and Tabitha," an independent feature film. Synopsis: "In this comedy/drama, Tabitha, a free-spirited 26-year-old failed fashion designer and Travis, a 30-year-old a...more

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Male, ages 24-36, African Descent, African American

Role Description

Travis Harris: (Lead) to play 30, looking for himself, originally from parts unknown, has left a boring life tied down to routine to travel the country learning to be chef. His clothes are utilitarian and he's got some miles on him from traveling but he has a confidence that comes from already living a pretty full life and starting over. Handsome without being fussy about it his main goal is experiencing life without being tied down. In Chicago, he's a fish out of water trying to decide if this experience is worth settling down for. He's got 30 days to make up his mind.


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Script Treatment

The Chicago elevated train (or El as the locals call it) is the gritty main artery of the city. In an El station, TRAVIS HARRIS, a 30 year old with a backpack and map searches for a route to his new job as a cook at a new restaurant. On the train, he runs into TABITHA SUMMERS, a 26 year old failed fashion designer turned accidental actress. They meet in passing. Travis is intrigued.

But we quickly find out that Travis is in a bind. At the restaurant, the head chef finds out that the ID Travis has given him is a fake. Travis is traveling from city to city running from his past. But he’ll need a real address to work at the restaurant, not the temporary address at the crappy motel he’s staying in now.

Meanwhile, Tabitha is being rejected at one of her many theatre auditions. Her roommate has just left her and her landlord is breathing down her neck for money to stay in her Southside home. She needs a new roommate to help pay the bills, but after multiple roommates walking out on her, she’s convinced that she’s just not right with women roommates.

Meeting Travis on the el train after a day of rejections, they spark up a conversation. Tabitha, forceful and forthright and Travis, mysterious and reserved decide to go out to eat at a greasy Chinese restaurant.

There, Tabitha tells Travis about her life in a matter of minutes. Her current job as a dinner date and PR stand-in to help make ends meet. Her love of fashion and how she desperately wanted to be a fashion designer but was rejected by every fashion house she wanted to work in. Her settling on being a mediocre actress when she couldn’t become a renowned designer.

Travis tells Tabitha little about himself except that he’s only staying in Chicago for a month and that he’s a cook. Tabitha likes that she knows little about him. Makes things less complicated.

Tabitha insists that Travis come to live with her as a roommate. Travis thinks she’s crazy, but the offer sounds a lot better than the ratty motels he’s been staying in.

Jumping the gun, Travis uses Tabitha’s address, which he conveniently finds from a fallen letter from their first encounter to secure his job at the restaurant. He then goes to visit Tabitha and accept her offer to become roommates. Her house is an old house that seems to be preserved in a 1980s time warp.

After Tabitha runs down a number of rules for Travis to abide by to make this situation work, she leaves Travis alone in the house while she goes on a late night gig. Travis runs out to the grocery store after finding only a stick of butter in Tabitha’s refrigerator. Once Tabitha comes home she finds Travis has cooked an amazing meal for ‘cooking practice’.

While sleeping in a small bed in the extra room, Travis dreams of his past life. He was in the midst of a divorce from a young woman in high society in New Orleans. He wakes after hearing his real name called by her in the dream – William.

For the next 30 days Travis and Tabitha fight to adjust as roommates, taking the el train to work together on most days. Tabitha feels invaded but needs the money. Travis curiously stumbles on old fashion equipment, portfolios and other pieces of Tabitha’s true passion. He pulls these artifacts and memories out of their hiding places putting them in full view of Tabitha and making her come face to face with a dream deferred.

As Tabitha gets rejected at auditions and Travis struggles at the restaurant, tempers boil over and end in a verbal fight. When Tabitha gets mad she watches her favorite movie, ‘Mahogany’. The movie opens up a conversation between Travis and Tabitha where he pushes her to reassess her reluctance to go back to her passion of fashion design.

The next day, Tabitha lands a possible role in a large play that will help her pay the rent and gives her the validation she needs. At the restaurant, Travis takes the reins and gets promoted.

That night they share their successes and Tabitha suggests they go celebrate to a friend’s rent party. Happy for the first time in our story, Tabitha helps Travis get dressed while Tabitha wears beautiful hand made clothes she hasn’t worn in years. They take the el train, dressed like two fashion models.

At the party, Tabitha runs into her old roommate, Cheri, serving drinks. They have their first altercation since she left her home. Angry that Tabitha was too self-absorbed to keep up her end of the bargain on the rent, Cheri dismisses Tabitha.

Tabitha finds Travis in a room with a group of her ex friends. Her ex-boyfriend in particular has taken an interest in Travis because he still carries a fascination with Tabitha. Tabitha pretends to be more than roommates with Travis to embarrass her ex. After taking a puff from a passed joint from her friends, Travis and Tabitha get closer than they ever have in the story. They dance. They laugh. Because well…they’re high.

On the el train home, Travis takes a chance and kisses Tabitha. She kisses back. The next scene at home, we believe they’ve decided to get closer to each other. But what is first thought of as a love scene becomes two people debating making love. This debate happens as the two roommates find food around the house to help with the munchies. In the end, they both only fall asleep together in Tabitha’s cushy bed. But nothing more.

The next morning, Travis answers a knock at the door. The landlord has come for a visit. Travis quickly finds out that Tabitha’s ‘landlord’ that she was so afraid of is really her older sister Kimora Summers, a fashion maven and hard to please executive with a hidden agenda. Kimora is selling the house Tabitha lives in (really their mother’s house before she died) because Tabitha can’t keep up with the bills.

Travis tries to help by saying he’ll stay longer than the 30 days they originally agreed to. But it’s not enough. Kimora leaves for the day to take care of the paperwork and get rid of house once and for all. So they think.

If the morning couldn’t get worse, Tabitha goes to meet with the play’s director and finds out he’ll give her the role over the other candidates if she’ll willing to compromise herself on a ‘casting couch’. He saw her on one of her gigs at a social function and got the wrong idea. But Tabitha Summers is not to be toyed with and she puts him in his place right there on the street.

Meanwhile, Travis gets fired at his restaurant job for not stabbing a fellow cook in the back at the request of the head cook. His integrity intact and his feelings for Tabitha growing, he’s convinced that the best thing to do is tell Tabitha the truth about who he is and where he comes from.

At home, Travis has picked the worst time to have this conversation. Tabitha is in the midst of losing her home and, in keeping her integrity and self-respect, has lost another acting opportunity and the money that would have come with it. Tabitha doesn’t want to hear Travis’ backstory because she doesn’t need to hear anymore bad news.

As Travis pushes to tell Tabitha the truth, an inebriated Kimora coming into the door interrupts them. She carries bottles of wine with her to celebrate the selling of the house. Tabitha angrily berates her for drinking so much and effectively making her homeless by selling the house. Travis pleads with Kimora as well to help keep the house. Tabitha notices that Kimora drinks like their mother did when they were younger. Kimora is hiding something.

Kimora proposes a game to both Travis and Tabitha. A truth or dare game where the person with the most shocking truth makes everyone else take a drink. The winner of the absolutely most shocking truth gets what they want. Travis and Tabitha will get to stay in their home if one of them wins. Kimora gets to sell the home if she wins. It’s a cruel, silly game but that’s what Kimora is known for. Tabitha, who’s never taken a drink in her life, decides to play out of spite.

A series of truths are revealed. Kimora has been divorced for a year. Travis’s real name is William. All low stakes stuff until Tabitha reveals that while she took care of their cancer-ridden mother, Kimora hurt her mother deeply by never paying her a visit in her last days.

That truth cuts Kimora deeply and Tabitha begins to wonder if the reason for all of this is so Kimora can deal with what she hasn’t done correctly in her life concerning her family. As a counter attack, Kimora reveals that she is the reason Tabitha couldn’t gain her dream job years ago at any of the fashion houses. Kimora used her power in the fashion world to stop her from getting an assistant job right out of school. Kimora wanted her to work harder for it. It was sabotage from her own sister.

This hurts Tabitha to the core. But before the two sisters can end their relationship forever, Travis trumps both of their admissions by revealing not only is he technically still married to his wife back home, but he could be in legal trouble.

Travis, inebriated, tells them that he worked for his wife’s father, trapped at a dead end job for a crooked man in an insurance office in New Orleans. When Katrina hit, his father in law ordered him to deny insurance claims for many of the poor that came to the office. But Travis instead approves them, saving many people’s homes and lives in the process.

But now Travis lives in fear that his wife and her family will find him and try to press charges. He’s under the impression that he’s done nothing legally wrong, but he left anyway. He pursued his dream on the road of learning to be a chef by traveling to different restaurants. He never wanted to settle down again…until he ran into Tabitha.

The next day, Kimora heads to the airport to go home. She reveals that she never sold the house and she actually paid all the bills for Tabitha for the next month. But after that, Tabitha would be on her own. Tabitha, hung over and confused, notices a picture of their deceased mother in Kimora’s purse. The game, the house threats…they were all Kimora’s dysfunctional way of facing the guilt she felt for not being their with her mother and resenting Tabitha for having the courage of staying with her through that time.

Meanwhile, Travis packs up the few things he has and leaves. Tabitha mumbles she’s sorry that things didn’t work out. The word ‘sorry’ startles Travis because he’s never heard her say that before.

Alone, Tabitha begins to think that maybe she’s just as dysfunctional as her sister. After learning why she didn’t get ahead in fashion, she no longer thinks it was a problem with her talent or passion. She doesn’t go on any more auditions or odd gigs. She gets back in touch with her passion. She creates, making beautiful clothes again. And then she makes amends.

She visits Cheri, her ex-roommate and gives her a beautiful outfit as a way of saying she’s sorry for not being a better roommate. Cheri in turn refers women and their daughters to Tabitha. Over the next 30 days, Tabitha quickly makes a name for herself creating elegant prom dresses and helping girls self esteem. A self-esteem missing from Tabitha for all these years.

In thirty days she has enough money to pay all of her bills and in another 30 she has a thriving business. While perusing a small news story about herself as a fashion designer, she runs across an article about underground dinner parties. And the next one coming up will feature up and coming chef, Travis Harris.

We cut to Tabitha at this dinner party, dressed beautifully, looking for Travis whom she thought had skipped town after their last night together.

But things get complicated. Press travels in the days of the internet and Travis’ WIFE appears at the dinner party. She doesn’t make her agenda known but with some probing, Tabitha figures out who she is. She now has to warn Travis before his wife sees him.

Tabitha sneaks to the kitchen just as Travis comes in, dressed impeccably, to host the dinner. Travis is doing well and even has a small staff of people working with him in the kitchen. Tabitha, happy to see him, urges him to leave. Travis stands his ground and says he doesn’t want to run anymore. He doesn’t think they can really press charges anyway. But another person with a little bit of a criminal past in the kitchen suggests he rethink that. Does his wife have the police outside? Does his wife have papers to serve him? There’s a 50/50 chance that this could end badly.

Travis and Tabitha decide to take off. They leave and go to the el train station to think it through. But Travis’ wife has figured out that he’s not in the kitchen. She follows them to the el train station, but just misses them as they board a train and Tabitha kisses him as a diversion.

In the end, Travis and Tabitha exit the train. Tabitha argues logically for Travis to skip town. But Travis isn’t going anywhere. He’s found his home with her and eventually he’ll have to face the consequences. But right now, he’s just glad to be back with her.

The last shot is of them kissing each other on the el train bench as the camera pulls away revealing they are at the same el train station they originally met. They’re story has come full circle and they are both different people now.

Because love changes you and there’s nothing you can do about that!

Fade to black.

The End.