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Tuacahn Center for the Arts 2014 Season, EPA

Casting notice expires: January 21, 2014

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Tuacahn Center for the Arts
Scott S. Anderson, artistic dir.; Kevin Warnick, managing dir.

Production Description

Casting the Tuacahn Center for the Arts 2014 season. Season includes: "Disney's The Little Mermaid" (Scott S. Anderson, dir.; Derryl Yeager, choreo. Rehearsals begin April 21; opens May 31; closes the week of Oct. 18 or 24), "The Wizard of Oz" (Tim Threlfall, dir.; Rommy Sandhu, choreo. Rehearsals begin April 21; opens June 7; closes the week of Oct. 18 or 24), and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (Derryl Yeager, dir.-choreo. Rehearsals begin July 1; opens Aug. 8; closes the week of Oct. 18 or 24). Tuacahn is an outdoor amphitheatre located in southwestern Utah (110 miles from Las Vegas). Actors being considered for the three amphitheater productions will be cast in all three.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Season rehearses and performs in Ivins, UT.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $812 min./wk. Equity LORT Rep Contract.


Seeking submissions from: N. Hollywood, CA Sign up or Log In to apply.



ARIEL: To play female in her late teens. A mermaid girl on the verge of maturity. A soon-to-be-siren with a frisky sense of fun. An innocent, headstrong and spirited, overflowing with feelings that are fathoms deep, and daring to dream about a different world, the world above the sea. Must move well, but need not be a trained dancer. Vocal range: Crystal clear flawless belt to E.

ERIC: To play male in his early 20’s. A prince among men, possessed of all the royal attributes that leave the girls breathless. But beneath the easy charm, the handsome face and the instinctive courage, lurks a reluctant ruler who’d happily trade his crown for a life on the bounding main, who’d gladly renounce his throne in search of something to fight for, someone to love. Vocal range: Must be able to sing in a very controlled lyrical tenor or baritenor. Gorgeous soaring sound to A.

TRITON: To play male in his late 30’s or 40’s. The Son of Poseidon, King of the Undersea World, with a profound belief that the Human World is dangerous and to be shunned. A powerful, uncompromising monarch, and the harried father of seven mermaid daughters. Commanding, regal, charismatic, sexy – and, when it comes to his girls, especially his youngest, Ariel – a doting and deeply devoted dad. Vocal range: booming baritone to strong E.

URSULA: To play female in her 30’s or 40’s. A Sea Witch and Triton’s estranged (and none-to-happy-about-it) sister, banished forever for dabbling in The Black Arts. Personality as huge as her ambition. Tentacles as numerous as her devilish spells. Wildly smart, sinister and sarcastic. Luxuriously sexy, sultry and statuesque. Desperate to overthrow her brother and reclaim the undersea realm once and for all! Vocal range: Dramatic alto down to E. Big Belt to C# with strong head voice to a G.

GRIMSBY: To play male in his 30s - 50s. Prince Eric’s British guardian. Long-suffering, no-nonsense and big-hearted. More a companion and confidant than a guardian, without whose astute counsel Eric would be lost, and at sea. A source of advice, a center of gravity. Occasionally exasperated by, but entirely devoted to, his young charge, the Prince. Vocal range: Light character vocals only, patter a la Gilbert and Sullivan.

SEBASTIAN: To play Caribbean male in his 20’s - 50’s. A crab. The court composer, world-class suck-up to King Triton, and a ‘side-stepper’ by nature. Ariel’s unwilling protector under the sea, and later, in the inhospitable world above. Speaks with a Caribbean accent. Good sense of comedy, good dancer and singer. Vocal range: Strong character calypso sound. Baritone to E.

SCUTTLE: To play male in his 30’s or 40’s. A seagull. Fancies himself the ocean’s Greatest Living Expert on humans and their peculiar (and often revolting) stuff. Full of confidence, positivity, and, of course, feathers. Ariel depends on him for the bird’s-eye view of the world and life. A real song and dance man-type, will tap. Vocal range: Very strong character tenor or baritenor with a solid high A.

FLOUNDER: To play a boy fish who can sing and move well. A little fish in a big pond. A faithful friend small enough to look up to the little mermaid, Ariel. What he lacks in courage he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. Ages 12 -14

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM: To play 20’s or 30’s. Two eels, high-voltage low-lifes who are Ursula’s lackeys and partners in crime. Ssslippery, ssslimy sssnakes in the (sea) grass. Good comic actors and good movers. Vocal range: Light seductive tenor to B with falsetto to a high D.

LOUIS: A human, French Chef extraordinaire, a culinary perfectionist with a particular affinity for dishes with fishes. Must be a good dancer. Vocal range: Sings Les Poissons a la Maurice Chevalier. A character baritone.

ENSEMBLE: Excellent singers who move well to play sailors, merpeople, gulls, eels, seahorse, maids, waiters, citizens of the kingdom, and the prince’s maid, Carlotta.


Dorothy Gale: Ingenue. Teens-early 20’s. Young, innocent, sweet, but very determined and stronger than she realizes. Solid vocals with a comfortable G to B flat range.

Aunt Em/Glinda: Female late 40’s-50’s. Aunt Em: Hard-scrabble, no-nonsense farm woman with a big heart. Glinda: The epitome of the mature heroine from which goodness flows unceasingly. Strong legit vocals with a range from A to D.

Uncle Henry/Guard: Male late 40’s-60’s. Henry: Hard working, hard-pressed Kansas farmer. Guard: The essentially sentimental, but very harried keeper of the gate to his beloved Emerald City. Primarily ensemble singing.

Prof. Marvel/Oz: Male 60’s. Marvel: Slightly befuddled, but very warm and friendly ‘snake oil salesman’ type. The Great Oz: Befuddled ‘absent minded professor’ type with a loving heart. Ensemble singing.

Almira/WWW: Female 40’s-50’s. Almira: Severe spinster with a knack for making enemies. Wicked Witch of the West: The quintessential witch complete with cackle, broomstick, and a wicked sense of humor. She loves being bad and is good at it. Ensemble singing.

Zeke/Cowardly Lion: Male 20’s-30’s. Zeke: Friendly farmhand, always a bit nervous and occasionally the brunt of a few jokes. Lion: ‘King of the Forest’ fighting hard to be ferocious when he’s scared of his own shadow. Strong singer/dancer. Baritone.

Hickory/Tin Man: Male 20’s-30’s. Hickory: Practical joke loving farmhand. Tin Man: Slightly sad and sentimental young man hopelessly in love with a girl. Strong singer/dancer. Bari/tenor.

Hunk/Scarecrow: Male 20’s-30’s. Excellent dancer. Hunk: Happy farm hand that fancies himself a great thinker. Scarecrow: Dorothy’s floppy, fun-loving friend and protector. Strong bari/tenor.


Narrator: A star performer mid-20’s-30’s. A total entertainer; fun, loving, high energy and comfortable in all vocal styles. Very strong contemporary belt.

Joseph: Charismatic leading man mid 20’s. A born leader. Attractive, sexy, with a great sense of humor. Pop rock Bari-tenor who moves well.

Pharaoh: Attractive Elvis type mid 20’s-30’s in the Has a raw sexuality. Fun and moves well. Comfortable with 50s rock and roll vocal styles.

Reuben: Strong male performer 20’s-30’s. Quirky with a comic flair. Strong vocal skills. Must move well. French dialect.

Levi: Attractive male performer 20’s-30’s. Comfortable in Country-Western vocal styles. Must move well.

Simeon/Butler: Quirky comic musical performer 20’s-30’s. Must move well.

Napthali/Baker: Quirky comic musical performer 20’s-30’s. Must move well

Judah: Ethnic male performer 20’s-30’s. Tenor. Comfortable in Calypso styles. Must move well.

Jacob/Potiphar: Character male performer 30’s -40’s. Bari – Tenor. Jacob is father to 11 brothers. Potiphar is upper class with trophy wife. Some movement.