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'Two Weeks, Two Years, or Just Tonight'

Casting notice expires: December 9, 2013

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Michael Fels, prod.; Mark Simakovisky, exec. prod.-dir.

Production Description

Casting "Two Weeks, Two Years, or Just Tonight," a story of a woman devastated from her love affair ending with her college friend. Producer states: "The crew are professionals only, not students."

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots Dec. 12-16 in Catskills, NY.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pay is "low to no" (to be discussed when hired; a deal memo will be signed). IMDB credit is guaranteed by the producers. Travel, housing, copy, and invite to screening is provided as well. Note: Dan is needed for one day (preferable the first). Max and Vincent will be needed every day.


Seeking submissions from: new york, NY Sign up or Log In to apply.

Vincent sides

INT. Morning Vincent house in the Catskills
Running shoes on the floor. Vincent (28, unmarried, successful new writer. Wearing grey sweat pants and a t-shirt.) Previous detective novel is on the floor. Vin
is scrolling through a laptop and looking at his newest book, "A World Without Oil
Vin (distressed)
Where is this going?
Vin sighs and puts on a hoodie. He exits to go for a run.

Ext: Vincent's House,Morning
The first one was easy. Obsession: An American Crime Drama.
I lived it. Well, I lived at the center of it. I saw it happen: for
me it was just everyday life. A man who looked so long at
darkness that he brought it home. It invaded his personal life;
it threatened to unravel his family.
This one’s harder for me. "A World Without Oil."
How do people react to a crisis that they have never experienced,
but they knew was coming?

Max & Dan Sides

Int. Motel —Afternoon
Clothes are on the floor. Max, (28, attractive and yearning for attention), Dan (28, attractive and relaxed) It is the Morning after the had sex. Max is smoking a cigarette in her underwear on the bed. Dan is sitting next to her, with space in-between.
I missed that. Why don’t we do this more often?
Well, if I didn’t have to drive three hours to a motel room
every time...
(akward pause, Working up the courage, then said hopefully...)
I could leave him.
(sarcastic and hurtful)
Or, you could have chosen me.
Dan climbs off the bed in his boxers and starts getting dressed.
(In disbelief)
What are you doing?
I need to meet my agent in the city.
(confused, hurt, and annoyed)
So that’s it?
Dan doesn't look at her and continues to get dressed. Max puts out her cigerette
Don’t you have to get back to John?
Max stands up, grabs her clothes but doesn't get dressed
(Annoyed and betrayed)
You sound like him. I never thought I’d hear you say
something like that.
Dan turns towards her, mostly dressed and walks up to her.
We know what this is, Max. You’ve been married for
two years, and we’ve been seeing each other for half
that time.
Max's eyes dart back and forth across Dan face, her heart breaking inside she finally looks away
What did you expect? We have fun together, but
I’m tired of having to fit myself into your schedule.
Max's eyes well with tears, she is filled with emotion.
I didn’t expect things to go this way with either
of you. I didn’t mean to drag you into this situation.
I know this is fucked up.
I’m sorry, Dan.
Max looks down at the floor. Dan is now fully dressed. He smiles.
I’m not. I wanted you back then, but things were
different then.
(Getting annoyed & vicious -without screaming)
Your husband doesn’t make time for you,
so NOW you have time for me? I’m like him?
What makes you different from him?
My show is doing well. I’m starting to get calls
about Hollywood Features and you want me to
put my career on hold to solve a problem that
you created a long time ago? I did want you....
back then.
Dan adjusts his clothes and exits without looking back.
(with tears in her eyes, hurt and confused)
Max gest dressed, looks at herself in the mirror, adjusts her make up and lights her cigarette. Her hand trembles briefly as she smokes. Finally,
she gets up from the bed and begins to assemble her things in a hurried manner. She packs her camera. She exits & drives off.


Dan is moving to California as his career is flourishing and he realizes there is no future with a married woman. Max drives away from the lonely motel room in no direction as she has no place to go. Her lies have placed her in an impossible situation with no place to go. It continues to get even worse when her car breakdowns & her phone with no service dies. Vincent, a local writer, is jogging by and discovers Max. Vin lives close by and offers to let her get out of the cold and use his phone at his place. They become friends during the walk to his place. She confesses to having no place to go after dodging some questions. Vincent decides to share a glass of wine and a meal while they wait for her car to be fixed. Vincent and her connect in a way she has never experienced. They both are brutally honest with each other as the night wears on. Vin talks her into staying with her husband. Vincent’s view of the world makes an impression on Max. Despite logic Max makes a move & due to Vin's loneliness he goes with it only to wake up with her not in his bed. He checks for her car but it is gone. He then realizes despite all that he learned of Max he doesn't know enough information to ever contact her again. He is in love with a married stranger.