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Diane Keaton Proves She's La-Di-Da-Drunk on 'Ellen'

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Diane Keaton Proves She's La-Di-Da-Drunk on 'Ellen'

Diane Keaton has made a career out of being kooky, but she took it to new levels on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" while talking about her new movie "The Big Wedding," co-starring Robert De Niro and Susan Sarandon. Sipping a giant glass of wine (with ice cubes!) she giggles her way through a loopy conversation about tantric sex, nine-hour orgasms, punching De Niro—"Right in the face!"— and her love for "the kissing of the men." DeGeneres just sits back in awe as Keaton goes off the rails in the most charming way possible. This is a total failure of media training, but Keaton pulls it off adorably.

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