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FYC 2011: 'The Tree of Life'

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FYC 2011: 'The Tree of Life'
The trailer for Terence Malick's new film, "The Tree of Life," hit the web today and thus far, it looks like a typical Terence Malick movie. Which is to say that there's a lot of beautiful imagery and attractive people staring off intensely and a booming music score...and I will probably be asleep 20 minutes into the thing. I couldn't make it through his last epic,"The New World," despite the presence of both Christian Bale AND Colin Farrell, and that's saying something. And while I appreciated "Badlands" and "Days of Heaven," I'm still smarting from the 3-hour power nap that was "The Thin Red Line." My favorite part of that war-is-bad movie was that it was nominated for a Screenplay Oscar. I would love to get a look at that script. "Close up: A hill. Cut to: Another hill. Close up: A spider. Repeat ad nauseum."


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