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Get a leg up on your career. Subscribe now to starting at $12.95/month.

United Talent Agency (UTA)


Jeremy Zimmer, CEO

James Berkus, Chairman/Board of Directors/Partner/Agent

Peter Benedek, Board of Directors/Partner/Agent

David Kramer, Board of Directors/Partner/Agent

Tracey Jacobs, Board of Directors/Partner/Agent

Jay Sures, Board of Directors/Partner/Agent

Josh Hornstock, Partner/Agent

Mickey Berman, Partner/Agent

Andrew Cannava, Partner/Agent

Wayne Fitterman, Partner/Agent

Lisa Jacobson, Partner/Agent

Howard Sanders, Partner/Agent

Larry Salz, Partner/Agent

Brett Hansen, Partner/Agent

Julien Thuan, Partner/Agent

Shani Rosenzweig, Partner/Agent

David Park, Partner/Agent

Dan Erlij, Partner/Agent

Billy Lazarus, Partner/Agent

Matt Rice, Partner/Agent

Jeremy Barber, Partner/Agent

Richard Klubeck, Partner/Agent

Jason Burns, Partner/Agent

Kassie Evashevski, Partner/Agent

Theresa Peters, Partner/Agent

Blair Kohan, Partner/Agent

Steve Rabineau, Partner/Agent

Rena Ronson, Agent

Darren Boghosian, Agent

Brittany Balbo, Agent

Chris Hart, Agent

Emerson Davis, Agent

Greg Iserson, Agent

Sam Stone, Agent

Eric Kuhn, Agent

Ali Barash, Agent

Ali Benmohamed, Agent

Aron Giannini, Agent

Erich Aguillon, Agent

Brian Nossokoff, Agent

Milana Rabkin, Agent

Ryan Tracey, Agent

Dana Borowitz, Agent

Mike Jelline, Agent

Andrew Francis, Agent

Scott Schachter, Agent

Carolyn Sivitz, Agent

Sara Fernstrom, Agent

Jonathan Weinstein, Agent

Peter Dodd, Agent

Hailey Wierengo, Agent

Ophir Lupu, Agent

Melissa Wells, Agent

Jason Egenberg, Agent

Max Michael, Agent

Lucinda Moorhead, Agent

Chelsea McKinnies, Agent

Jason Heyman, Agent

Martin Lesak, Agent

Greg Cavic, Agent

Gregory McKnight, Agent

Nick Nuciforo, Agent

John Sacks, Agent

Susie Fox, Agent

Joanna Scott, Agent

Chris Newman, Agent

Logan Eisenberg, Agent

Yale Chasin, Agent

Paul Flett, Agent

Leslie Schuster, Agent

Pete Franciosa, Agent

Charlie Ferraro, Agent

Jay Gassner, Agent

Keya Khayatian, Agent

Robert Arakelian, Agent

Josh Katz, Agent

Barbara Dreyfus, Agent

Rob Prinz, Agent

Nikki Wheeler, Agent

Gueran Ducoty, Agent

Joel Begleiter, Agent

Marissa Devins, Agent

Lauren Meltzner, Agent

Geoff Suddleson, Agent

Jacob Fenton, Agent

Jo Yao, Agent

Tim Phillips, Agent

Feroz Taj, Agent

Jon Huddle, Agent

Max Stubblefield, Agent

Sarah Clossey, Agent

Steve Cohen, Agent

David Flynn, Agent

Paula Friedman, Agent

Allan Haldeman, Agent

Gennifer Lieber, Agent

Bec Smith, Agent

Joe LaBracio, Agent

Adam Biren, Agent

Veronica Gabriel, Agent

Ryan Hayden, Agent

Ben Jacobson, Agent

Ennis Kamcili, Agent

James Kearney, Agent

Jenny Maryasis, Agent

Louise Ward, Agent

Heidi Feigin, Agent

David Kirsch, Agent

Ramses Ishak, Agent

Michael Sheresky, Agent

Brent Weinstein, Agent

Kevin Volchok, Agent

Geoff Morley, Agent

Lindsay Framson, Coordinator

Chantal Artur, Coordinator

Jonathan Levy, Coordinator

Scott Perraud, Coordinator

Chauncey Chong, Coordinator

Jordan Berkus, Coordinator

Blake Rochkind, Coordinator

Natalie Novak, Coordinator

Mikey Schwartz Wright, Coordinator

Jason Richman, Coordinator

Johnny Parisean, Coordinator

Peri Litvak, Coordinator

Natasha Bolouki, Coordinator

Jeff Dalla Betta, CFO

Michael Conway, CAO

David Lapeze, CTO

David Herrin, Head of Research

Chris Day, Head, Corporate Communications

Larry Vincent, Head, Brand Studio

David Spingarn, Head of Business Development

Andrew Thau, Head, Corporate Affairs

Jim Meenaghan, Head, Motion Picture Business Affairs

Rich Shuter, Head, TV Business Affairs

Rene Jones, Director, UTA Foundation

Greg Yen, Controller

Jacqui Schock, Business Affairs

David Wienir, Business Affairs

Mike Rubi, Business Affairs

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions. No calls. No drop offs.


Film & TV Actors, Voiceover Artists, Film & TV Editors, Directors, Production Designers, Sports Personalities, Book Authors, Producers, Screenwriters, Interactive Game Developers, Singers & Musicians, TV Writers, Cinematographers, Playwrights

Represents Ages: 18+


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