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Get a leg up on your career. Subscribe now to starting at $12.95/month.

3 Arts Entertainment, Inc.


Howard Klein, Partner

Erwin Stoff, Partner, Chairman

Michael Rotenberg, Partner

Dave Becky, Partner, Talent & Literary Manager

Molly Madden, Partner, Talent Manager

David Miner, Partner

Tatiana Sarah, Talent Manager

Olivia Gerke, Talent Manager

Nick Frenkel, Talent Manager

Mark Schulman, Talent & Literary Manager

Pam Kohl, Talent Manager

Greg Walter, Talent Manager

Tom Lassally, Talent Manager/Producer

Josh Lieberman, Talent Manager

Richard Abate, Talent Manager (NY)

Avi Gilbert, Talent Manager (NY)

Sarah Shyn, Talent Manager

Kimberly Carver, Manager, Alternative

Jairo Alvarado, Talent Manager

Jonathan Berry, Talent Manager/Producer

Oliver Obst, Talent Manager

Troy Zien, Talent Manager

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions. No calls. No drop offs.


Comedians, TV Writers, Screenwriters, Book Authors, Directors, Film & TV Actors

Represents Ages: 18+

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