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Ask an Insider

Why I'm Producing 'Love and Human Remains'

Producer Jen Rudolph explains the passion for Brad Fraser's play that has prompted her to produce it for a second time, this time at the Peter J. Sharp Theater at Playwrights' Horizons.


WATCH: Top Audition Tips From Matt Newton

Auditions are a necessity in the business, so don't let your nerves overcome your talent. To help you give the best performance possible, acting coach and Backstage Expert Matt Newton hands out some of his top audition room tips.


'Smash' Recap: Episode 16, 'The Tonys'

The series finale of "Smash" concludes with a bunch of loose ends tied up, and every living happily ever after.

Inside Job

How Rising Content Creators Can Utilize YouTube Spaces

Eileen Rivera of YouTube Space L.A. discusses how the maker space is pushing creators to be their best, as well as the resources they offer content makers.

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