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Ask an Insider

Why I'm Producing 'Love and Human Remains'

Producer Jen Rudolph explains the passion for Brad Fraser's play that has prompted her to produce it for a second time, this time at the Peter J. Sharp Theater at Playwrights' Horizons.


3 Huge Sacrifices Parents of Actors Must Make

Acting is a difficult career for a performer, but as a parent of an actor there are sacrifices and difficulties unique to you.


'Smash' Recap: Episode 16, 'The Tonys'

The series finale of "Smash" concludes with a bunch of loose ends tied up, and every living happily ever after.

Inside Job

5 Tips for Vocal Health

Dr. Melin Tan-Geller, a former pianist and now Montefiore Medical Center’s assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology—vocal care—chats about what singers can do to preserve and care for their voices, dispels myths surrounding steroid use, and lists the one thing many performers don’t know.

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