2 Broke Girls

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    Justin Sayre’s 1 Tip for Doing a One-Person Show

    The writer and performer wraps his one-man show, “Love’s Refrain,” in NYC April 8, 9, and 10. He spoke with Backstage about being vulnerable onstage, writing for other actors, and working in Los Angeles.

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    How to Identify ‘Your Story’

    Writer-comedian Liz Feldman chats about her new show with a lesbian lead, “One Big Happy,” gives advice on how to discover the story you want to write, and how she got her start through Backstage.

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    Video: Kat Dennings on Nightmare Auditions and Acting at a Young Age

    Backstage's June 6 issue features a roundtable discussion with five stars who have had Emmy-worthy seasons. One of the actors, Kat Dennings of "2 Broke Girls," revealed that unlike many actors, she doesn't mind the audition process.

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    5 Actors On Their Emmy-Worthy Years

    Kat Dennings, Anna Gunn, Simon Helberg, Jessica Paré, and Guillermo Diaz are coming off a terrific year on popular programs and spoke about landing their roles, their most difficult scenes, and when they realized their show was a hit.