Allison Janney

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    7 Acting Lessons From 'Mom’s' Sadie Calvano

    Sadie Calvano may play the sarcastic daughter of Anna Faris on CBS's "Mom," but the pleasant, upbeat actor was excited to chat about working on the show and the acting lessons she's learned.

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    Anna Faris Takes On Television with 'Mom'

    The very funny actor (“The House Bunny”; “Scary Movie”) moves to the small screen for her starring role on Chuck Lorre’s new sitcom “Mom,” co-starring Allison Janney.

  • ‘Struck by Lighting’ Punishes Stupidity

    Chris Colfer, who stars and wrote the screenplay, proves he’s more than Kurt on “Glee” with this squirmy, tar-black Machiavellian high school comedy.

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    11 Actors Snubbed by Oscar

    The Academy welcomed actors Bryan Cranston, Tom Hardy, Brie Larson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rachel McAdams, Charlotte Rampling, Mark Rylance, and Alicia Vikander with their first ever nominations this year. The following are just 11 of many deserving actors who have yet to receive an Oscar nomination.