Anna Gunn

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    Emmy Episode Submissions: Supporting Actress in a Drama

    Every year, Emmy acting nominees get to submit an episode that they feel best showcases their talent. We look at what was submitted in the drama, supporting actress category.

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    Emmy Nominations: Anna Gunn on 'Breaking Bad'

    For five seasons, Anna Gunn has played Skyler White on the AMC phenom "Breaking Bad." In that time, she has gone through as much of a transformation as her high-school-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin-husband, Walter White, played by three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston.

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    Video: Anna Gunn On Theater Training and Auditions

    Backstage's June 6 issue features a roundtable discussion with five stars who have had Emmy-worthy seasons. One of the actors, Anna Gunn of "Breaking Bad," discussed how her extensive theater training has helped her as an actor.

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    5 Actors On Their Emmy-Worthy Years

    Kat Dennings, Anna Gunn, Simon Helberg, Jessica Paré, and Guillermo Diaz are coming off a terrific year on popular programs and spoke about landing their roles, their most difficult scenes, and when they realized their show was a hit.