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    The Backstage Power Casting Directors Issue!

    For actors, the casting director is the biggest star there is, and with the upcoming release of HBO's "Casting By," we take a look at some of the industry's biggest names and asked them how they cast some high-profile projects!

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    ‘Casting By’ Aims to Give Casting Directors Credit Where Due

    The new HBO documentary “Casting By” turns the camera on the people across the table.

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    Fund Your Feature Film, a new online marketplace that matches independent filmmakers with financiers, has alliances with more than two dozen industry partners who can help get feature films made.

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    HBO Goes Behind the Scenes of the Casting Process

    HBO acquired U.S. Television rights to Tom Donahue's "Casting By," a feature documentary that highlights casting directors who changed Hollywood history by breaking away from traditional typecasting, HBO announced Thursday. “Casting By,” produced by Donahue, Kate Lacey, Ilan Arboleda, and Joanna Colbert, tells the story of the groundbreaking ...