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    How to Create Your Own Green Screen Effects

    Green screen, or “chroma key compositing,” is a popular special-effects technique used to strip the background of a subject on video or film and replace it with another.

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    Why You Need to Do It Yourself

    The truth is that actors are innovators by nature – a core skill is the ability to reinvent yourself and to create a character. But, it is more and more clear that with the changes in technology and the need to search and create opportunity, actors must take the reins of ...

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    How to Shoot Video Using Natural Light

    Despite the hurdles, if you familiarize yourself with natural light – what it’s all about and how it works – you’re well on the way to capturing some stunning images. So keep your eyes and your mind open. Here are three tips to consider on your next project.

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    Film School Instructors Offer Advice for Performers Turned DIY Creators

    As technological and cost barriers between actors and audiences break down, one of the best ways to stay competitive is to create your own best role.

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    Crowdfunding the Future of Film and Television

    EarlyShares and Mobcaster are two new crowdfunding platforms that aim to revolutionize the way film and television projects are created, developed, funded, and produced.

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    How to Successfully Set Up a DIY Recording at Home

    While recording music in a professional studio will yield the best results, the cost of purchasing studio time can be prohibitively expensive. Thanks to falling equipment prices, high quality recordings can be made from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost of studio time.