David Dean Bottrell

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    The Science of One-Act Theater

    Where theater and sci-fi geeks coexist! Kicking off its second year, Sci-Fest LA: the Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival, will feature sci-fi and fantasy greats for two nerd demographics.

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    6 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Manager

    I spoke to a few established talent managers and everybody agreed that there are at least a few things every actor should understand (and think over) before working with a manager.

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    6 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Agent

    Having a good relationship with your agent requires that you understand a few things. They are not magicians. They are humans with a phone and an address book. And they cannot work miracles overnight.

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    3 Ways To Improve Your Luck as an Actor

    Acting is a gambler’s business with absolutely no guarantees of success. That said, there are a few common sense things we can do to improve your chances.

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    5 Free Ways to Become a Better Actor

    Acting class is a great start, but here are a few other easy, fun, and free things we can all do to become better artists.

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    3 Ways To Keep Your Nerves From Sabotaging Your Audition

    Nerves are a part of auditioning. They're adrenaline. They're the same kind of adrenaline that athletes experience right before they take the field. It’s our “getting ready” energy. The trick is to focus that energy into something that will help and not hinder us when we walk ...

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    4 Ways To Handle Not Getting the Part

    The hard reality is that most of us will audition for a lot of jobs before we ever land one. Probably the single toughest part of being an actor is letting go of the jobs that we do not book.