Heidi Levitt

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    Why Every Actor Needs a Mother

    Moms want their kids to follow their passions and find success. They want them to fall in love, be true to themselves, and remember to call their mother at least once every week, and occasionally offer up a big thank you mom!

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    Why You Need to Do It Yourself

    The truth is that actors are innovators by nature – a core skill is the ability to reinvent yourself and to create a character. But, it is more and more clear that with the changes in technology and the need to search and create opportunity, actors must take the reins of ...

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    Why Casting the 'Old-Fashioned' Way Is Important

    I often feel hemmed in by the business of having to package films with star talent and completely bypass the casting process to get films made. Too rarely do we get the opportunity to open the casting process up like we did and truly dig deep to find the best ...

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    3 Steps To Take When Following Up on Pilot Season

    Pilot season is in the final act of casting and closing deals. TV shows are preparing to film and be next season’s hit. Many were cast and many more didn’t even get the chance to show their stuff.

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    Where Do You Find Your Acting Community?

    Television and the Internet are the new “theater.” It is not that casting directors don’t go to the theater anymore; it is just that the venues to discover talent have broadened exponentially. Veteran actors need to adjust their way of thinking and connecting.

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    5 Rules for Recovering From Losing a Role

    In thinking about my experience of loss and recovery, I wanted to relate it to an actor’s experience in losing a role. Below are five rules of recovery when you're dealing with loss.

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    The 5 Acts of Your Audition

    Every actor has a story to tell, and when you walk into the audition room, you need to be prepared to tell it.

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    How To Audition Internationally

    Casting director Heidi Levitt shares how actors and casting directors can work internationally.

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    The Internet Is Your Audition Room

    Casting director Heidi Levitt shares the ways actors can audition and get discovered online.

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    Casting Young African-American Girl for Nina Simone Biopic

    Zoe Saldana is set to star as Nina Simone in the film, and CD Heidi Levitt is casting an African-American girl to play the iconic jazz singer as a child.