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    5 Chances to Get Cast

    Check out these five casting notices off from Georgia to Los Angeles and Portland to see if any would be a good fit for you.

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    7 Shots to Practice Your Acting Skills

    Whether you are looking to be better in the audition room, wanting to learn what does and doesn’t work for self-submissions, or working on honing your artistic power, you have to get in the room to improve. Here are seven opportunities—from Chicago to L.A. and NYC—to ...

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    Looking for New Acting Opportunities? Here are 10!

    Here are 10 jobs for you to apply to this weekend including three auditions for Walt Disney World in New York, Los Angeles, and Kissimmee, Fla.

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    7 Film Festivals to Attend in May

    Here are seven upcoming film festivals to keep your eye on, set to take place everywhere from New York City and Los Angeles, to Hawaii and France.

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    7 Chances to Get Cast

    Look into these seven opportunities to audition so you can book a job and have a reason to drink celebratory margaritas on Cinco de Mayo!

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    6 Chances of Get Cast

    If you haven’t had time to peruse our casting notices this week, we did some leg work for you! Here are six projects, including film, commercials, and television, that could be a perfect fit!

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    6 Chances to Get Cast

    Looking for some new acting opportunities? Here are six from this week on Backstage including a feature film and two improv gigs!

  • 1 New Opportunity for Serialized Content Creators (Worth $10K!)

    IFP’s Screen Forward Lab is seeking serialized content creators from Instagram to Web series and beyond to apply to their Labs program, which provides artists with mentors, a Made in NY Media Center residency, and $10,000 to create new work.

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    8 Chances to Get Cast

    Check out these eight opportunities including Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s new HBO series, the Broadway and touring production of “Matilda,” and short films on both coasts, as well as a new AMC pilot down in Louisiana.

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    Why Chris Messina Wants You to Create Your Own Work

    Messina is best known these days for “The Mindy Project,” but he returns to his indie roots with his directorial debut “Alex of Venice,” starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.