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    The Ugly Truth About Your Talent

    Secret Agent Man doesn’t love lying to actors about how good they are—but he also (contrary to popular belief) takes no pleasure in crushing dreams.

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    The 9 Spokes of Your Career Wheel

    Secret Agent Man wants you to take a long, hard look at yourself and see if you have achieved enough balance in these categories to be successful.

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    5 Questions to Ask a Potential Manager

    Secret Agent Man wants all actors to spend as much time shopping for a manager as they do shopping for a new car. Start with these five basic questions!

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    Are the Brits Taking Over American TV?

    Secret Agent Man can’t help but wonder what happened to Paul Revere—no one was alerting us that highly trained, dedicated British actors were infiltrating American entertainment! Is it too late for home-grown talent?

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    Why Local Hire Means Local

    Secret Agent Man understands the temptation for an L.A. actor to pass himself off as a local to land a role on “The Walking Dead”—but do you understand how many flaws that plan has?