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    An Open Letter to the Agents of the World

    Secret Agent Man gets his gripes off his chest in a letter addressed to the whiny, hypocritical, and uninformed agents he regularly encounters.

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    3 Blunders to Avoid in Hollywood

    Secret Agent Man lists three examples of actors getting in their own way when it comes to the business of acting and dealing with their agent.

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    1 Word Every Actor Should Care About

    There’s one word everyone from casting directors, actors, and agents care about. Secret Agent Man reveals what it is.

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    1 Thing You Should Know About Your Agency

    While your own career should be your No. 1 concern, knowing who else is at your agency and what they’re up to can open doors for you, too. Secret Agent Man tells us why.

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    Are You a Large Fish in a Small Pond?

    Understanding what you want out of your representation and the risks you’re willing to take can help determine what type of agency you’d like to represent you, says Secret Agent Man.

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    The Top Requirement For a Great Audition Coach

    Some actors believe it’s wise to use his or her acting teacher for audition preparation. Our resident Secret Agent Man lists 10 reasons why it’s not always a good move.

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    The Day-to-Day of an L.A. Agent

    People often ask Secret Agent Man what he “does all day.” He’s obliged Backstage readers and provided a breakdown of his daily tasks. Maybe you can learn a thing or two!

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    The Pros and Cons of the Powerhouse Agency

    Finding the right kind of representation is essential to a flourishing career. Secret Agent Man discusses the big differences between big-name agencies and boutique agencies, and how each will influence your career.

  • How to Get Your Child Actor an Agent

    CESD talent agent Kerri Krilla and Anh Sobo, mother to Ripley Sobo, child star of “Matilda the Musical” and “Steve Jobs,” talk about how to land an agent, what to look for in your son or daughter’s representation, and what parents should expect.

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    1 Trick for Good Agent Communication

    In the age of the internet, it’s easy to stick to our email accounts, but Secret Agent Man reminds actors why other forms of communication are just as essential to building great relationships.