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    1 Workshop for Musical Theater Creatives

    The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and DreamWorks are teaming up with the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts to bring aspiring musical theater geeks a prime shot at getting their nascent work seen.

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    5 Upcoming Casting Opportunities

    We know you’re still digesting Thursday's Thanksgiving feast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prep for Monday with a few noteworthy auditions! Here’s five casting opportunities from this week, which include outings from coast to coast.

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    How Actors Should Look at Theater Performances

    SAM breaks down the major difference between Chicago theater and L.A. theater, and why one small adjustment makes all the difference to actors and their audiences.

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    5 Chances to Get Cast!

    Check out these five auditions from this week’s Backstage casting section, which include a Los Angeles theater production and background work on the Fox series “Sleepy Hollow.”

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    6 Upcoming Auditions for the (Soon to Be) Working Actor

    Cities all over the country are hosting projects in need of you! From indie films to network television shows, these six auditions will get your mind churning on the possibilities. And if they don’t, fret not—we have more!

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    George Takei and Lea Salonga Break Ground—Again—in ‘Allegiance’

    From “Star Trek” and “Miss Saigon” to the first Broadway musical led by Asian-American artists, the two legends of stage and screen share their thoughts on history, diversity, and the wonders of social media.

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    8 Upcoming Auditions That Could Be Right for You!

    Halloween extravaganzas, theatrical productions, indie films, and television series are all seeking actors to fill roles all over the country. Check out these eight and see which you’d like to submit to!

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    #ICastIt Michael Donovan's Killer Casting Search

    Casting director Michael Donovan talks about how a little B&E led to Emily Lopez booking the role of "Carrie" in the immersive musical playing at the Los Angeles Theatre.

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    Mobile Ticketing Breaks Out of Broadway

    Mobile ticketing app TodayTix is in the business of westward expansion and theater lovers will benefit on and Off-Broadway.

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    7 Chances to Get an Audition!

    Check out these seven opportunities posted on Backstage this week! From sketch comedy and indie films, to theater and commercial work, there’s an audition for you!