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    Equity Calls L.A.'s Minimum Wage Opposition 'Shocking'

    The Actors’ Equity Association unveiled backing from SEIU as a local politician threw his support behind the group opposing the union's minimum wage plan for intimate theater in Los Angeles.

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    7 Chances to Get Cast This Week

    From student films to features, L.A. theater to L.A. improv, Backstage casting notices have got you covered. Check out these seven notices from this week!

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    18 Multicultural Theater Companies Across the U.S.

    As mainstream American theater adjusts to an ever-emerging melting pot of cultures, theaters across the country are placing inclusion at the forefront of their work. Here are 18 great examples of multicultural theater companies that raise up underrepresented artists of all kinds.

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    L.A. Theater Producers: Minimum Wage ‘Impossible’

    Equity’s proposed minimum wage requirement for actors is “financially impossible," according to a group of Los Angeles intimate theater producers.

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    L.A. Actors Should Take Advantage of Open Calls

    Local casting directors say there’s an easy way for Los Angeles actors to land theater roles this summer: Attend an open Equity casting call.

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    7 Places to See (and Perform) Solo Shows in NYC & L.A.

    While performers can often find a happy solo premiere at fringe festivals and smaller theater venues, here are seven New York and Los Angeles based groups dedicated exclusively to the development and performance of solo work!

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    6 Chances of Get Cast

    If you haven’t had time to peruse our casting notices this week, we did some leg work for you! Here are six projects, including film, commercials, and television, that could be a perfect fit!

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    Why Theater in Schools Is Important

    Backstage chats with the Educational Theatre Association’s executive director Julie Woffington about getting theater into school programs, how the organization supports teachers and students alike, and the new program it has introduced to help high-poverty areas practice theater.

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    5 Chances to Get Cast

    Check out these five casting notices off Backstage.com from Georgia to Los Angeles and Portland to see if any would be a good fit for you.

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    L.A.’s 99-Seat Theaters Say Revenue Isn’t Full Picture

    L.A. theater directors talk to Backstage about why profits on paper don’t always equal enough funds to pay actors minimum wage.