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    L.A. Comedy Gets Super Serious

    A monthly comedy show, featuring the likes of Ian Karmel (“Chelsea Lately”), T.J. Miller (“Silicon Valley”), Mike Lawrence (“Conan”), and more, is coming to L.A.’s the Virgil, complete with high-production video and Mexican food.

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    9 Chances to Get Cast

    With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to nail audition so you have something to talk about when Aunt Vera or Uncle Miguel ask how the acting is going! Here are nine from this past week on Backstage for you to consider!

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    Why Even Friendship Can’t Make Rehearsals Easy

    Laura Linney and Seth Numrich bring novelist Patricia Highsmith (“The Talented Mr. Ripley”) to life at the Geffen Playhouse in Joanna Murray-Smith’s “Switzerland” through April 19.

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    L.A. Theater Productions Await Equity Vote on 99-Seat Plan

    Various theaters are going ahead with their productions while others, paralyzed by economic uncertainty, are awaiting next month’s verdict.

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    7 Chances to Get Cast

    It’s the weekend! You know what that means! The Backstage casting roundup featuring notices from the past week!

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    NYC Theater Continues L.A. Expansion

    New York theaters continue to expand their beachhead in Los Angeles, but will their new productions create work for L.A. actors?

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    7 Chances to Make Your Weekend Even Better

    Finish your week strong with these casting notices including one for “Devious Maids,” a short film about a young boy who wants to be a superhero, and a mockumentary about a failing artist.

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    L.A.’s 99-Seat Theaters Say Revenue Isn’t Full Picture

    L.A. theater directors talk to Backstage about why profits on paper don’t always equal enough funds to pay actors minimum wage.

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    11 Theaters for Female Empowerment

    hese theaters promote the work of women young and old through new-play development, outreach, community engagement, and more.

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    7 Chances to Get Hired

    What better way to gear up for Spring than with a new job? Here are seven casting notices from Backstage to give you a nudge in the right direction!