Matt Newton

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    Backstage Experts Give 6 Ways to Determine Your Type

    Understanding “type” and how to figure yours out can serve as a fast track to the right roles for you! Check out these six piece of advice from our Backstage Experts for more insight.

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    5 Pointers on Nailing Your Audition Sides

    Check out these pointers on mastering the art of nailing your sides in an audition, from a collection of experienced Backstage Experts.

  • How to Get Cast in a Horror Film

    New York area acting coach and Backstage Expert Matt Newton reveals how he used Backstage to cast his directional debut, “Hide/Seek.”

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    9 Things You Must Know Your First Time Directing

    Directing is totally different from acting. Here are nine tips for your first time behind the camera!

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    9 Tips to Kick off 2016

    As this year comes to a close, do you know what you need to do to start 2016 off right?

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    You Just Auditioned—Now What?

    You faced your fear, conquered your nerves, and gave a great audition—now what? Where do you put all that released tension and relief? Acting teacher and Backstage Expert Matt Newton has a few tips to best handle those post-audition feelings without stressing or obsessing.

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    3 Ways to Get Your Student Film Footage

    Actors, stop settling for never getting your student film footage! Here are three ways to make sure you get what’s yours!

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    How to Become a Professional Actor

    To help you jump into the show biz world, here are some quick tips on all the basics!

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    How Should Actors Slate?

    Saying your name before an audition seems simple, but many actors stress over the slating process. Should you be in character? Should you smile, or appear expressionless? Backstage Expert and New York acting coach Matt Newton shares some basic slating tips for your upcoming projects!  Welcome to the latest episode ...

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    Which Is Better: Outdoor or Indoor Headshots?

    Taking professional headshots is an important step in advancing your acting career—but they're not a cheap investment! So how can you maximize your next session? Backstage Expert and acting coach Matt Newton shares a few tips on the how (and where) to take the best headshots possible!   Welcome ...