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    10 Must-See Upcoming Broadway Shows

    The fall Broadway season is upon us and stars are lighting up the theater district in New York City in various productions. From "On the Town" to "A Delicate Balance," here are 10 shows you should see!

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    5 Theater Books to Read

    Knowing your way around a theater never hurts you as an actor. Consider taking on a different role on (or behind) the stage and check out these five books to help you get started!

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    7 Musicals We Can’t Wait to See at NYMF

    The New York Musical Theatre Festival is hitting Midtown again and this year features everything from zombie strippers to New York City magicians.

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    5 Chances to Land a Role

    Here are five casting notices from Backstage to get you in the audition room, including a short film about a couple that wrote an Oscar-winning screenplay, a theater production in San Diego, and background work on a series starring Kevin Bacon.

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    5 Great Casting Notices

    Check out these five casting notices which include a musical theater festival in upstate New York, Walt Disney’s open casting call down in Kissimmee, Fl., and a shot at background work in the upcoming Nat Wolff-starring feature, “Paper Towns.”

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    6 Casting Notices to Keep You Busy This Weekend

    During some down time this weekend, check out some of our casting notices to keep yourself busy and working! Here are six auditions from New York to Los Angeles and beyond that will keep you loose and limber in the audition room.

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    6 Inspiring Volunteer Opportunities for Actors

    As an actor, you might often find yourself to be the one seeking advice and mentorship…but you’re not the only one who needs it. Here are a few opportunities that might be perfect for the generous actors out there.

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    Atlantic Theater Company’s Neil Pepe’s 5 Tips for Thriving Actors

    Atlantic Theater Company Artistic Director Neil Pepe discusses his decades with the company, and shares advice for budding actors.

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    4 Theater Auditions You Might Have Overlooked This Week!

    Here are some theater auditions you might have missed this week!

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    1 Way to Springboard Your Theater Career

    The American Theatre Wing’s SpringboardNYC program is a two-week boot camp designed to ease the transition between college and the professional theater world.