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    Protect Your Finances From Unscrupulous Reps

    There are ways to ensure you don’t end up losing money due to dishonest agents such as Peter Strain, who recently pled guilty to stealing from his clients.

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    SAG-AFTRA: Foreign Royalties Suit 'Completely Without Merit'

    SAG-AFTRA said Friday a second lawsuit over its foreign royalties program is "completely without merit." "We will vigorously respond in the appropriate forum in due course," the union said in a statement. Ed Asner, a former SAG president, and close to a dozen other former union board members have filed ...

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    'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Won't Qualify for SAG Awards

    The film did not meet the terms of SAG-AFTRA’s low-budget feature agreement, which requires professional actors to be used in a film.

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    SAG Foundation Awards Scholarships

    The foundation announced that it had awarded more than $400,000 in scholarship money through its John L. Dales Scholarship Fund.

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    SAG-AFTRA’s Global Rule One Applies to Interactive Video Games

    SAG-AFTRA’s Global Rule One applies to interactive video games, which could be problematic for its voiceover actors as the industry shows signs of fracturing.

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    Web Performers Won't Lose Out on Compensation

    Increasingly series produced for the Web are moving over to television or other formats, but performers on Web series that migrate to traditional broadcast or cable television don’t have to worry about losing out on compensation—at least if they’re SAG-AFTRA members.

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    Calif. Legislature Passes Extension to Film and TV Tax Credits

    Hollywood producers are breathing easier after lawmakers in Sacramento passed an extension to the state's lucrative tax credit program for the entertainment industry. The bill passed the state Senate in a 32-2 vote and provides another $200 million in taxpayer support for film and television series shot in California.

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    SAG-AFTRA Unveils Full Candidate List

    SAG-AFTRA unveiled the list of candidates running in its first post-merger national election, including a presidential field that features three challengers to Co-President Ken Howard.  Paul Edney, Marilyn Monrovia and Esai Morales are vying to unseat Howard, who is seeking a third term at the helm.    The candidates for ...

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    SAG-AFTRA Applauds Ruling In Image Use Lawsuit

    SAG-AFTRA applauded a federal court ruling that resurrected a suit by a former college football player against video game publisher Electronic Arts. The union, which believes the suit could help its members retain control over the commercial use of their images, said it was "very gratified" the Third Circuit Court ...

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    NYC Gets a State-of-the-Art SAG Foundation Center

    Located just across from Lincoln Center, the new SAG Foundation Center offers actors a lifeline—from inspiring conversation series to its brand-new voiceover lab!