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    LGBT Actors Face Unique Challenges

    In a SAG-AFTRA study, 53 percent of the LGBT respondents said they believe that directors and producers are biased against LGBT performers in hiring.

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    'Years to the Day' Indicts the Digital Age

    “Years to the Day,” Allen Barton’s rant-filled bromance from Skylight Theatre Company at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, is talky, often static, and full of predictable moments.

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    'Tomorrow' Is a Treat

    Donald Freed’s outstanding “Tomorrow,” from Skylight Theatre Company, Rogue Machine, and Britain’s York Theatre Royal, explores the mentor-mentee relationship among three actors.

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    Want to Save Regional Theater? Find a Celebrity Patron.

    With the recent fundraising failures of NYC's New York Opera and the Reprise Theatre Company in L.A., one L.A. theater succeeds with the help of patron-saint Terrence McNally.