Tisch School of the Arts

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  • Advice

    15 Amazing Pre-College Summer Theater Programs

    This summer, thousands of high schoolers are moving into college campuses across the country for BFA-style theatrical training. Here are 15 amazing pre-college training programs where you (or the young person in your life) can go to learn and thrive.

  • Interview

    ITVFest Presents Now Streaming: ‘The Hinterlands’

    Musical theater writers Michelle Elliott and Danny Larsen discuss the very real reason behind creating an online, Web series musical aimed at gay teens living in rural parts of the country.

  • News

    5 Tried-and-True Acting Colleges

    They’re the names we’ve heard a few times over. Here’s the 2014 deal on Carnegie Mellon, Boston University, Rutgers, UCLA, and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.