University of Texas at Austin

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    14 Great Regional Film Schools

    While many of the country’s top film schools can be found on either coast, more and more graduates are coming out of top regional programs with the skills (and contacts!) to start working right away. If you’re considering a career in film or media, here are 14 regional ...

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    5 Film Schools with Strong Programs

    For Backstage readers thinking about adding some new tools to their box, here are some great film schools you might want to consider!

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    Smaranda Luna Gives Herself Permission to Act (Slideshow)

    Backstage member Smaranda Luna is an Equity and SAG-AFTRA actor who moved from Romania to the States and earned her MFA at the University of Texas at Austin.

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    5 Top College Performing Arts Programs Outside of L.A.

    Students at Emory, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Tulane University, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and University of Texas at Austin are all on the scene when runaway productions flee L.A. for better tax incentives.