William Esper Studio

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    Colleges, Conservatories, and Classes…Oh My!

    Learn how to weigh the options between college, conservatory, and class-based acting training from casting director Jenny Treadwell, famed acting coach William Esper, and 'CSI: Cyber' star Charley Koontz.

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    Readers’ Choice: Vocal Coach Nancy Mayans’ 3 Steps to a Better Voice

    Readers’ Choice winner for New York City’s vocal-singing coach category Nancy Mayans talks about her holistic approach to vocal training.

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    Amy Schumer Wants You (To Laugh)

    Comedy Central and standup star Schumer put in the work and paid her dues—even handing out comedy fliers to annoyed pedestrians—and now she’s reaping the rewards with “Inside Amy Schumer” and the upcoming Judd Apatow–directed, Schumer-starring “Trainwreck.”

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    The Hard Work and Tenacity of Sam Rockwell

    The beloved leading man–character actor (who says, “I don’t know what the hell my category is”) stays sharp with an acting coach even when he’s doing killer work in films such as “Better Living Through Chemistry,” out March 14.

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    Ydaiber Orozco (Slideshow)

    Backstage member Ydaiber Orozco did her acting training at the William Esper Studio in New York and made her Off-Broadway debut as the lead in "A Hole in His Heart."