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    Why Do You Create?

    Creating isn't about money and it isn't about fame, so answer this: Why do you create?

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    9 Great Instagram Accounts for Actors

    If you’re looking to add some actorly spice to your Instagram account so you’re not relying solely on @beyonce for your Insta-entertainment, here are nine accounts you’ll love.

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    Juliette Binoche Looks Back

    The Oscar-winning star, currently onscreen in “Clouds of Sils Maria,” looked back at her career during the 2014 Beirut International Film Festival and spoke about choosing her roles, working with great directors—and doing “Godzilla.”

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    8 Questions With...Ben Miles

    The star of “Wolf Hall,” a two-part epic transferring from the West End to Broadway this month, tells Backstage readers how to handle rejection—and how not to tackle a musical audition.

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    7 Ways Actors Appear Insecure in Auditions

    It's important to identify and work on the habits that might make you seem insecure in the audition room!

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    Joel Kinnaman Stays Versatile

    The former star of AMC’s “The Killing” is back on screens this year as a sociopath in “Child 44,” following his turn as Liam Neeson’s son in “Run All Night”—all part of his plan to keep fans guessing.

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    3 Ways to Preserve Your Voice

    As musical theater performer or actor of any kind, your voice is a major instrument. Make sure you preserve it with these simple steps!

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    Do You Stink?

    You might not notice the odor you're giving off in the audition room or the networking event, but sometime you smell...of desperation.

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    5 Reasons Fame Is All That Really Matters

    Ben and David get real in this week's column: Acting is not about the craft, or expressing yourself. It's all about the fame.

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    4 Ways to Join SAG-AFTRA

    SAG-AFTRA membership is a career goal for many actors, but how do you get that coveted card? Here are the four main ways to join SAG-AFTRA—and enjoy the rich history, career opportunities, and crucial protections that union status affords.