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    4 Ways To Be Less Manic Depressive as an Actor

    Despite all these obstacles, you can really find inner peace and your own sense of forward momentum, and start having more fun. Because if you’re not having fun with your own life path as an artist, then all the sacrifice is just not worth it.

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    7 Items for a Successful Actor Website

    Your website is probably the most important marketing tool you have. Why? It encompasses all of your marketing tools under one umbrella. It is your store, your homefront.

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    The #1 Way To Impress a Casting Director

    I often tell my students that acting is really about having to be more honest in our work than we typically allow ourselves in life.

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    You Are in Charge of Your Acting Career

    Whether to a freshman in college, an actor new to the business, or a mid-career executive, my advice is the same: Remember that you are in charge. Of your education, your career, your life.

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    Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Actors

    Actors can be supportive and encourage each other in this business, but actors can also feel competitive with each other. Some actors will get breaks that you did not, and others may become quite successful while you are still slogging away in a restaurant job or just trying to make ...

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    4 Keys To Becoming a Scene Stealer From 'Awkward's' Jillian Rose Reed

    On a show filled with scene stealers, Jillian Rose Reed may be the biggest thief on MTV’s “Awkward.” With the second half of Season 3 set to debut Oct. 22, we checked in with Reed regarding how to go about becoming a scene-stealing delight.

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    How To Access Your Inner Director

    Our inner critic rears its ugly head at the most inopportune moments—auditions, opening nights, first days on set—and reflects our own self-doubt and fear. It’s that little voice that says, “That was terrible. You’re not good enough. You’re a failure.”

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    14 Most Annoying People at an Audition

    Auditioning is fun and exciting, and it’s also one of the most important things an actor does. But some people just can’t help but to try and make it insufferable.

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    How To Embrace and Enjoy the Audition Process

    I believe you can enjoy your auditions and transform them into win-win situations for yourself and those present in the room, regardless of whether you book a role at that particular time.

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    Why Child Actors Are Not Exploited By Their Representation

    I am so proud of my “kids” and their amazing parents who sacrifice everything to make their dreams come true. You are all stars. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.