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    Without Failure, There Is No Success

    When you hear someone failed, it means that person took a chance. It means that person was brave. And that’s a good thing. Cowards never fail because they never try.

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    The Reason Why We Act

    "There were times during the shooting when I doubted whether the film would ever see the light of day. Not because of the quality of the film but because of the complexity of the film business. But that didn’t matter either. I realized I wasn’t doing the film ...

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    How To Stop Auditioning and Still Book the Job

    You deserve to be here—on this planet and in a casting room. You are already whole and complete regardless of what an agent or manager or casting director thinks about your work.

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    5 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is a Natural Actor

    The fake cry. Every parent has heard it and knows in an instant when their child is pretending. I would say the same is true for good casting directors. They can spot a young actor pretending to feel something they don’t.

  • News Offers Training, Ups Its Game

    An interactive website tailored to theater performers seeking personalized advice from experts such as Shoshana Bean, Telly Leung, and Rebecca Luker, casting directors from notable companies, and more has just launched out of its beta period, adding lower rates, 50 new coaches, and video feedback.

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    11 Mind-Numbing Paradoxes Actors Face Every Day

    Being an actor is a tough life, especially when you receive so much conflicting information! Here are 11 paradoxes actors face every day in pursuit of their dreams.

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    3 Ways To Handle the Post-Audition Waiting Game

    Aside from staying positive, owning a functional cell phone, and checking the status of the project on IMDb, here are some other fun and proactive things you can do after an audition.

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    5 Things To Do When You Book Your TV Series

    Here are five things to do when you book that coveted series regular role.

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    10 Tips for Actors

    I get e-mails daily from actors asking questions. If time (and brain clarity) permit, I’ll gladly answer. Below are 10 tips for an actor's career culled from these private exchanges.

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    Why You Need To Focus on the Craft and Not the Outcome

    We are sometimes so busy counting every victory or defeat that we lose sight of what actually gets us there. We tend to trap ourselves in an emotional mindset that is focused only on success and outcome.