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    6 Steps to Submitting a Script

    If you've written a big, juicy part for yourself in a movie or a play, the next step is to get your script made. Using Backstage Call Sheet's production company listings and these six steps, you'll be on your way in no time!

  • Interview

    1 Netflix Star’s Audition Room Advice

    As a newcomer to Netflix’s “Marco Polo” in Season 2, Leonard Wu had plenty of thrills and challenges when playing “badass Mongolian warrior” Orus, all of which he eagerly shared with Backstage.

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    Why You Should Study Shakespearean Soliloquies

    Backstage asked two experts on classical monologues for their advice when it comes to studying soliloquies, those fantastic speeches that provide actors the chance to do what they do best: play.

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    #IGotCast With Backstage: Alec Lawless

    Alec Lawless is just one of many actors cast through Backstage!

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    Stop Saying No to Yourself

    Backstage Expert Cathryn Hartt understands that there are days when your acting career seems like a waste of time—but that doesn't mean you have earned the right to give up on yourself!

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    Why the Cast of ‘Black-ish’ Deserve Emmys

    We love the hilarious Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross on ABC’s “Black-ish.” Here’s why the two deserve their 2016 Emmy nominations!

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    How to Find an Acting Agent on Backstage

    Did you know Backstage’s handiness goes beyond the casting call? We break down how you can use our Call Sheet to get representation from a talent agency.

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    How to Train on a Budget

    Backstage Expert Shaan Sharma explains how a budget-conscious actor can still taking acting classes, learn new techniques, and network without breaking the bank.

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    Breaking Down the Actor’s Odds

    Secret Agent Man brings 10 years of experience to the table when sizing up an actor’s odds of “making it” in Tinseltown. He asks, “How can you beat the odds if you don’t understand them?”

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    How to Give an Awards Acceptance Speech

    Admit it: You’ve fantasized about winning a top acting award. Here are some tips on that perfect acceptance speech—with help from Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and of course, Parker Posey.