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    6 L.A. Coaches and Schools Where You Can Work on Your Craft

    Los Angeles schools and coaches provide the preparation needed to make it big. Check out some of the most fertile training grounds for the L.A.-based actor.

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    3 Tips For Great Actor E-mail Etiquette

    Thanks to the glorious Internet, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to your industry fans with e-mail marketing. If you want to make the most out of email marketing, you must follow these three essential rules.

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    How To Find Your Acting Sweet Spot

    Your sweet spot is the specific behavior you propel into a character that’s singular to you. Your ability to recognize it and then radiate it to your audience is your launching pad for tangible artistic success.

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    How To Connect Yourself to a Character

    If actors know and allow their subtext to exist unspoken, the audience will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the actor had stated them.

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    How To Do Profiles for On-Camera Auditions

    In almost every on-camera commercial audition—after slating—an actor will be asked to turn sideways and show the left and right sides of their face and body.

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    3 Marketing Tools You Need

    Is a headshot and resume all you need? Yes…if the year is 1980. At least, some actors think so. But things have changed. The Internet has changed everything. You need a whole lot more.

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    3 Steps to Creating Accountability as an Actor

    Every successful person understands the power of partnership, the value of accountability, and the necessity of support. As an actor, one easy and cost-free way to get the support you need is by forming a mastermind group.

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    15 Must-Read Plays for Tweens and Teens

    It's important for all children to read, but especially those who want to be actors. How can you dream of starring in great theater if you've never read great theater?

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    How Acting Affects Your Self-Esteem

    It is a socially accepted way to fulfill the need for attention and approval, and I think most would agree that the sound of applause is thrilling, empowering, and sometimes addicting.

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    10 Ways for Actors to Survive the Holidays

    Make the most of the holiday season and new year. If you stay in touch with your inner life, celebrate in moderation, are accepting of others, and connect with generosity, you'll survive anything that the holidays can throw at you.