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    Why You Need To Get Out Of Your Acting Comfort Zone

    Actors who are comfortable are backing away from what affects their audience. And you can’t explore your vulnerability when you are backing into your comfort zone.

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    You Need To Decide To Succeed

    We often find living our creative lives and accomplishing our goals to be a haphazard experience. This is partly due to our mind’s thousands of thoughts telling us we can’t have what we truly desire.

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    Don't Let Doubt Derail an Audition

    Auditions are a game of confidence, and you shouldn't question your skill in the face of competition.

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    Why You Should Never Stop Playing 'Make-Believe'

    I would never discourage any aspiring actors from seeking some type of formal training (especially if they plan on acting in plays). But technique is the parachute you employ when you’re not working instinctively.

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    7 Things To Do Every Morning

    As we recently entered 2013, I offer my suggestions to add to your New Year’s resolutions. My list of "7 Things To Do Every Morning" will help you to run your business more effectively and be more efficient and productive.

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    Why You Need To Be Vulnerable As An Actor

    Your light that shines upon the world is different from anyone else’s. How you shine is the individual expression of who you are. Your light isn’t more special than someone else’s – we’re all plugged into the same electrical grid – but it is unique to you.

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    Announcing the Readers' Choice Nominees!

    They're here! After two months of taking nominations from you, the Backstage readers, the nominees for the 2014 Backstage Readers' Choice Awards are finally here!

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    Compete For Every Role You're Right For

    When an actor is truly right for a role, a well-thought-out, well-timed “appropriate pitch” can make all the difference in that actor getting the opportunity to compete for the role.

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    How to Determine If Your Child Actor is ‘in Flow’

    If your child actor isn't "in flow," then acting might not be for them!

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    Do You Have a Hidden Acting Agenda?

    A Hidden Acting Agenda is a new term to describe an old phenomenon. These agendas - formed when you, the actor - hide some behavior, attitude or trait because they were the source of criticism or embarrassment in the past.