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    Where to Learn On-Camera Technique in L.A.

    With these courses in L.A., even the most camera-shy person will understand how to use the lens to his or her advantage.

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    Which Casting Directors Know Your Work?

    Actors often ask me to help them prepare for an interview with an agent. I tell them the following: If there is interest in you, the most commonly pursued line of questioning on the agent’s part will be, “Which casting directors know your work?”

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    How to Think Beyond Your ‘Brand’

    In my twenty-five years as a career coach and marketing instructor for performing artists, I have been working in-depth in this very specific area long before “brand” became the buzzword in the corporate, and now artistic, world.

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    Find The Moment Before 'Zero'

    When you rehearse a scene over and over again, it’s easy to get stuck in the emotional place at the end of the scene instead of rewinding to where you were at the beginning.

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    Why You Need To Focus on the Craft and Not the Outcome

    We are sometimes so busy counting every victory or defeat that we lose sight of what actually gets us there. We tend to trap ourselves in an emotional mindset that is focused only on success and outcome.

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    Why Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts Could Land You An Agent

    We often find living our creative lives (and the accomplishing of our goals) to be a haphazard experience. This is partly due to our mind’s many thoughts telling us we can’t have what we truly desire.

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    How To Gain Acting Success Like Edie Falco

    The pace to a self-sustaining acting career varies. More often than not, the journey for actors being able to “do what they love” and nothing else without financial worry is a curving pot-holed course of great distance traveled until smooth straightway is rode.

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    3 Ways to Make Your Acting Dangerous

    It’s your job to figure out where the danger in the scene is and to consistently ask yourself where and how you can add a more genuine element of danger.

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    You Need to Love Yourself as an Actor

    If you don’t love yourself, how can you possibly love another and radiate that love to your work and creativity? How will you birth new ideas and bring something tangible and worthwhile into the world?

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    3 Strategies For Framing a Meeting

    A frame is the way your brain mentally packages your power, authority, strength, information, and social status. In any meeting for any reason between two or more people, one person grabs the power.