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    5 Ways To Get An Agent

    Brian O'Neil shares five great tips for how to get representation.

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    Where to Learn On-Camera Technique in L.A.

    With these courses in L.A., even the most camera-shy person will understand how to use the lens to his or her advantage.

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    What to Look for in an Acting Teacher

    Picking the right teacher is essential for the student to get the most out of a class; Todd Thaler gives some advice.

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    How To Use Your Fears and Anxieties To Unleash Creativity

    Birthing creativity from the idea phase into the actual application and expression of form isn’t easy. It’s hard and scary and weird and risky and crunchy and ugly and sometimes it yields amazing results and sometimes it doesn’t.

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    Why You Should Have Fun at Auditions

    Auditioning is a complex system and has many layers. It is a process and a process needs a strong technique to guide you through it. The technique that ignites and drives your process needs to be joyful, expansive, energizing, creative, and personal in order to work.

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    Compete For Every Role You're Right For

    When an actor is truly right for a role, a well-thought-out, well-timed “appropriate pitch” can make all the difference in that actor getting the opportunity to compete for the role.

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    How to Choose an Acting School

    Choosing where and what to study might be the single most important decision you make in your acting life. Choose correctly, and it could lead to personal and financial fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.

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    3 Steps to Creating Accountability as an Actor

    Every successful person understands the power of partnership, the value of accountability, and the necessity of support. As an actor, one easy and cost-free way to get the support you need is by forming a mastermind group.

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    Why You Need to Face Your Fears

    The fears in our heads are always louder and bigger than the actual experience of them in reality. In fact, once we face the things we are most scared of, we realize that they actually aren’t that scary at all.

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    How to Think Beyond Your ‘Brand’

    In my twenty-five years as a career coach and marketing instructor for performing artists, I have been working in-depth in this very specific area long before “brand” became the buzzword in the corporate, and now artistic, world.