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    How To Assemble the Best Team For Your Career (Part 1)

    I never met an athlete who wanted to be on a losing team. They know that being good at what you do may get you in the game, but it won’t win you a championship trophy. The same is true for actors. Your team matters.

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    Stop Fighting Your Success

    I can't count how many actors I've coached, at every career level, who come in telling me they’re doing all the right things, yet their vision of the future has been just that—a vision of the future. It hasn’t had the chance to become a ...

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    Why You Should Have Fun at Auditions

    Auditioning is a complex system and has many layers. It is a process and a process needs a strong technique to guide you through it. The technique that ignites and drives your process needs to be joyful, expansive, energizing, creative, and personal in order to work.

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    How To Find Inspiration

    The reason we often don’t experience greater moments of inspiration and creativity in our own work is that we quit at the “frustration” phase, not knowing that this stage is an important part of our creative development.

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    Why Your Exit is Just as Important as Your Entrance

    In the business of acting, we usually talk about making an entrance. There’s a focus on how you enter rooms, start scenes, and begin working with people. Yet a very important factor in the unfolding of your life and career is how you exit.

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    Where to Learn On-Camera Technique in L.A.

    With these courses in L.A., even the most camera-shy person will understand how to use the lens to his or her advantage.

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    How To Discover Your Inner Truth

    Here’s one of my favorite questions I ask my students to think about when working on a scene: What is your character’s unspoken truth? What is it your character is afraid to reveal about himself?

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    Take Action and Don’t Worry About the Outcome

    “Take action” should be a guiding rule in all of our lives. We all have good ideas now and then, and we all have second-guessed them when it comes time for us to actually do something about them.

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    How To Make Your Inner Journey Inform the Outer

    For many of us, we’ve never been taught to identify with an inner journey. So we seek continuously outwardly. Partly this is due to our living in a culture that only measures results by the things we achieve and the amount of money we make.

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    How To Handle Bullying As an Actor

    Essentially, the bully targets you for what you represent—often the qualities he will never have. Just as some say, “imitation is the highest form of flattery,” so is bullying, as it comes quite often from a place of pathological jealousy.