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    4 Rules to Ensure a Long Career

    For Broadway vet Jimmy Smagula (soon to be seen in the J.D. Salinger biopic “Rebel in the Rye”), career longevity all comes down to these four concepts.

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    Bring Your Passion to Other Aspects of Your Life

    For Drama Desk nominee Kellie Overbey, acting and advocacy are a powerful combination that led to the founding of A Is For.

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    The Casting Society of America Launches a Diversity Series

    Producer and casting director Marci Liroff attends the CSA’s Diversity Committee’s first of a proposed series of classes on diversity and speaks to Candis Cayne.

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    How to Get an Indie Film Released

    Tribeca All Access is helping early-career filmmakers get the resources they need—from casting directors to actors and editors—to get their projects off the ground.

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    3 Elements of a Great Agent, and Which Is Most Important

    All agents should be good at three main things, but proficiency in one specific skill should mean the difference between a good working relationship and seeking out new representation.

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    What to Look for in a Lit Agent

    Charles Kopelman of the Abrams Agency on what a writer should look for in their relationship with a lit agent, and what clients can expect from a good partner.

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    How to Become a Dancer

    Like any pursuit in the arts, dancing takes hard work and dedication. To get you started, here are some basic tips.

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    How to Cast Your Indie

    When Debra Eisenstadt set out to direct “Before the Sun Explodes,” she was aware of the common wisdom “you need a name.” Casting someone bankable will ultimately help accomplish your goal of selling the film. At the same time, trying to cast a star can be just the thing that ...

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    Will Being an Influencer Get You Cast?

    For producer and casting director Marci Liroff, social media influencers may offer extra buzz, but that doesn’t mean they automatically land the part.

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    Are You Self-Aware in Auditions?

    Are you observing and absorbing what's happening in the room? For Backstage Expert and voice teacher Andrew Byrne, the worst thing singers can do in auditions is to lack perceptional awareness. So here's how to avoid that!