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    3 Reasons to Move to Digital Content

    Abominable Pictures’ Jon Stern talks “Wet Hot American Summer,” his transition from indie film to digital comedy, and his advice for aspiring content creators.

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    3 Ways to Master Your Audition Nerves

    Every actor gets a little nervous before an audition, but how can you relax enough to give an amazing performance? Backstage Expert and acting coach Matt Newton shares three quick tips for keeping audition anxiety at bay.

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    What Needs to Be on Your Demo Reel

    Demo reels are a necessity to prove that you’ve worked before and that you have talent, especially if you’re a new actor without a slew of well-known credits. But how do you know what is worth including on a demo reel and what immediately marks you as an ...

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    How to Choose the Best Audition Monologues

    Should you need to audition with a monologue, how do you choose what to perform? We asked Backstage Expert and acting coach Matt Newton about what makes for a good audition monologue.

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    1 Way to Bounce Back From Disappointment

    Anna Margaret Hollyman has successfully worked for years in indie film—but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the vagaries of the business.

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    Exactly What You Need on a Résumé—And How to Format It

    Once you have a headshot, you need something to put on the back of it—a résumé! Backstage Expert and acting coach Matt Newton breaks down what to put on a résumé and exactly how to format it.

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    1 Agent on Why She Says Yes to a Client

    Marni Rosenzweig, Senior Vice President with Abrams Artists Agency, talks about the importance of training, how referrals can get you in the door—and how none of that may matter.

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    5 Things to Know About an Agent’s Assistant

    SAM’s out of the country, but here to fill in for this week’s column is Secret Assistant Girl, serving up some insider know-how on how SAM’s office works, and what you need to know about being his assistant.

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    New in Call Sheet: Entertainment Industry Contacts & Resources

    Call Sheet features details about hundreds of casting directors, talent agents, managers, production companies, theaters, schools, and film festivals. The online version of Call Sheet is fully searchable and includes tons of exclusive listings updated daily. And now the new Fall-Winter 2015 issue of Call Sheet is available at a ...

  • Interview

    Agents Pitch Themselves to Actors in Atlanta

    For John Winscher, the move from L.A. to Atlanta was the best thing he could have done for his career—both in terms of management and finding work!