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    How to Keep Your Child Actor's Career From Upsetting the Family Balance

    Just because your aspiring actor child has found some success doesn't mean life gets simpler—there's the rest of your family to consider! In this video, Denise Simon explains ways to maintain a healthy balance.

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    Is Your Child Being Overly Trained?

    Backstage Expert Denise Simon explains how to know if your child actor is being overly coached or not.

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    What Should Be on a Child Actor's Résumé?

    Backstage Expert Denise Simon weighs in on what should and shouldn't be included on child actors' résumés.

  • Advice

    What's the Best Acting Class for Children?

    Natural talent and charisma can only take you so far, but how do you know what acting method or teacher is right for your young performer? Backstage Expert Denise Simon advises on how to choose the best class for your child.

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    Stop Saying No in Auditions

    Producer, acting coach, and casting director Marci Liroff wants actors to stop saying no to bold choices in the room and start embracing the unexpected.

  • Advice

    You Just Auditioned—Now What?

    You faced your fear, conquered your nerves, and gave a great audition—now what? Where do you put all that released tension and relief? Acting teacher and Backstage Expert Matt Newton has a few tips to best handle those post-audition feelings without stressing or obsessing.

  • Interview

    9 Questions With...Patricia Clarkson

    The Emmy winner, who has been seen in everything from “Broad City” to “Learning to Drive” this year, tells Backstage about being fearful on set for the first time in a long time, her stint as a cocktail waitress, and why Lin-Manuel Miranda has become the man of her dreams.

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    What to Wear for an Audition

    For child actors, walking into an audition room is scary enough without having to worry if you’re dressed appropriately. Acting teacher and Backstage Expert Denise Simon explains what clothes will make you stand out.

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    The Power of Politeness

    Working Actor Anna Margaret Hollyman has been on enough sets to understand the power of nice—what she doesn’t understand is why so many people throw attitude at the filmmakers there to make them look good.

  • Advice

    When Should a Child Actor Join the Union?

    Acting teacher and Backstage Expert Denise Simon explains when the time is right for a young performer to become a union member, and when it’s not.