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    How Much Denial Do You Need to Succeed?

    Secret Agent Man believes a certain amount of denial is necessary for any creative venture. But how much is too much?

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    SAM’s Key to Career Longevity

    There’s one thing that’s guaranteed in life (other than death and taxes, of course), and SAM breaks down how it’s affected the industry since he started in this business nearly a decade ago.

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    Do Child Actors Even Need an Agent?

    With so many opportunities available to savvy young performers, an agent might not even be necessary to the team. Backstage Expert Denise Simon explains when the time is right to bring one onboard.

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    How Not to Approach an Agent via Email

    SAM breaks down why many actors get it wrong when emailing an agent for representation by providing some examples of common mistakes.

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    1 Agent on Why She Says Yes to a Client

    Marni Rosenzweig, Senior Vice President with Abrams Artists Agency, talks about the importance of training, how referrals can get you in the door—and how none of that may matter.

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    The Best Way to Meet an Agent

    One of the most important—and difficult!—parts of becoming a professional actor is getting an agent. But how do unknown actors meet agents? Backstage Expert and acting coach Matt Newton explains in our new video series!

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    New in Call Sheet: Entertainment Industry Contacts & Resources

    Call Sheet features details about hundreds of casting directors, talent agents, managers, production companies, theaters, schools, and film festivals. The online version of Call Sheet is fully searchable and includes tons of exclusive listings updated daily.

    Search the online Call Sheet database to find the latest details on thousands of ...

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    Are You Trying to Find an Agent?

    Are you hoping to work with an agent this episodic season? Join us for a Backstage University Webinar covering everything you need to know about finding (and signing) with an agent.

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    5 Tips for Getting an Agent

    Looking for representation? Here are five quick tips to help you get your very own agent!

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    8 Tips for Better Headshots From an Agent and a CD

    Backstage chats with casting director Benton Whitley and agent Richard Fisher to get the low-down on what they look for in an actor’s headshot.