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    7 Chances to Land a Role

    Check out these seven casting notices from this week on Backstage, including a feature film starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, a union production of “Brothers from the Bottom,” a play about post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans and a disintegrating relationship between brothers, a Web series pilot, and others!

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    5 Great Casting Notices

    Check out these five casting notices which include a musical theater festival in upstate New York, Walt Disney’s open casting call down in Kissimmee, Fl., and a shot at background work in the upcoming Nat Wolff-starring feature, “Paper Towns.”

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    6 Casting Notices to Kick December Off Right

    Here are six auditions spanning Web series, theater, and film casting on both coasts, including a Pennsylvania production of “Venus in Fur” holding auditions in New York City, and a student project out of UCLA.

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    Supporting 2014: Brie Larson’s Powerful Silences in ‘The Gambler’

    The “Short Term 12” star talks about auditioning for the new film with star Mark Wahlberg, how much a blink can convey onscreen, and whether or not her college student character is a genius.

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    9 Questions With…Matthew Goode

    Backstage chats with “The Imitation Game” actor about his latest character, World War II code-breaker Hugh Alexander, his acting crushes, and the epic lie he told to get out of his worst survival job.

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    7 Ways to Ring in the Weekend

    To kick off a promising weekend, here are seven casting notices from this past week on Backstage including Geek Nation’s newest sketch comedy, an NYU student short film, and “Empire,” the new Lee Daniels-directed TV show!

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    7 Questions With...Alex Borstein

    The “Family Guy” actor talks about the second season of her hilarious, painful, wonderful HBO series “Getting On,” her best and worst audition stories, and selling photo packages out of a castle in the Valley.

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    Is This a Date or an Audition?

    Web series “Dating & Auditioning” takes a humorous look at the places where dates and auditions overlap, putting the single actor’s plight on full comedic display.

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    6 Scary Good Casting Notices

    In honor of the one day a year where everyone’s (openly) pretending to be someone else also known as what actors do all year round, also known as the best holiday of the year, here are six casting notices with a side of scary. Happy Halloween!

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    5 Tips for Thriller, Horror, and Supernatural Auditions

    Auditioning for a spooky thriller or horror film? Embrace the fear and let it fuel your performance!