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  • Auditions By Location, Type

    We've put together this no-nonsesne list so you can check out all the latest and greatest auditions by location or type. Whether you're a theater actor in Austin, or just a dancer trying to showcase your moves, Backstage has you covered.

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    How To Get Casting Directors To Find You

    First of all, don’t despair. Know that we very well may acknowledge your efforts without you even realizing it. If we’ve seen you do great work somewhere, you’re likely in our “favorite actors” files. There may not be a job or a role right this minute for ...

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    6 Steps to Getting Over Audition Nerves

    Everyone gets nervous, but it's how you deal with your nerves that will make all the difference!

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    Why You’re Not Getting a Callback

    Ken Lazer gives the honest truth about why you might not be getting a callback after receiving positive feedback from the casting director.

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    5 Top Acting No-Brainers

    Think you know everything there is to know about an acting career? Think again. Here are five "no-brainers" that I am constantly surprised most actors don't know.

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    15 Things That Can Totally Screw You at an Audition

    You've picked the perfect song. You've memorized your lines. You've spent hours with an acting coach. You've made original choices. What could go wrong? Well, as it turns out, a lot of things. Here are 15 things that can totally screw you at an audition.

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    10 Things to Consider When Preparing Audition Material

    Risa Bramon Garcia, who just started up the new acting studio The Bramon Garcia Braun Studio, shares tips for finding the best material for your auditions and meetings.

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    The 7 C’s of Auditioning

    These seven C's of auditions cover everything you need to book the role!

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    8 Tips For Self-Taping Your Auditions

    When my clients cannot get to my studio to tape and coach their auditions, they use this alternative. Here are some tips for how to submit the best self-taped audition.

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    Why Non-Union Actors Should Submit For Union Projects

    A non-union actor can audition for and be hired for a union project. And depending on the project plus governing union, the actor can easily be hired either as union or non-union.