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    Film Your Project Anywhere, Any Way With GoPro Camera Mounts

    GoPro, recognizing that users of this camera won’t be satisfied with boring old camera mounts, have developed a series of them that share the Hero3’s yen for excitement and danger. And they’ll only be able to improve your own productions.

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    How To Shop For a Camera

    One of the inevitable, confusing, and exciting decisions for someone taking the DIY road is whether to purchase your own camera and which one to purchase.

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    Keeping Your Hot Electronics Cool

    If you're planning on a trip somewhere warm this winter, learn how to keep your cameras, phones, and electronic accessories cool!

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    A Clip That Keeps Your Camera Close

    If you have a great idea for a shot that takes place outside the safe environs of your everyday life, Peak Design’s line of camera clips can help ensure that your shooter will survive the trip.