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    Make Choices in the Audition Room

    You can't rest on the laurels of basic preparation. Acting is storytelling, and it's possible the story can change during your audition. Who knows? Perhaps your look inspired them to make a revision specific to YOU.

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    Why Technology Is the New Casting Industry Standard

    Since I'm involved with actors worldwide, I've seen a shift lately in terms of an abundance of "too-good-to-be-true" casting notices, i.e. sites that claim that if you pay their membership fee they will introduce you to casting directors.

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    Disney XD Pilot 'Mighty Med,' Hercules Film Starring Dwayne Johnson, Get Casting

    Sheryl Levine will cast Disney XD pilot "Mighty Med," while Cathy Sandrich will cast "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

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    Why Actors Act Against Their Best Interest

    We all, at various detours of our journeys, pull ourselves into these destructive weigh-stations of negative reflection. Yet when that nagging inner-voice routes its phantom calling to our cranium, we sometimes have the tendency to wallow in the false comfort of empty self-pity.

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    15 Ways to Be Happy in 2013

    In the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, here are a few things that might just make it a little easier, even a little more fun, as you create your practice.

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    5 Rules For Recovering From Losing a Role

    In thinking about my experience of loss and recovery, I wanted to relate it to an actor’s experience in losing a role. Below are five rules of recovery.

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    The Secret About Demo Reels That Nobody Told You

    The secret about demo reels. The SECRET. It just evokes an air of mystery, doesn’t it? But a secret is just a piece of information that YOU don’t know yet. So I’m gonna just spill it. And then you’ll know it and that will be that.

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    The Secret to Guaranteed Success

    A most cherished holiday tradition has formed among my friends—my inner circle, my Mastermind group—in which we come together to talk about the year that has past and the year yet to come.

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    Don’t Show Your Underwear At An Audition

    Let’s talk about your underwear for a sec. I know what you’re thinking. My underwear? Isn’t that a little personal? And what does it have to do with auditions anyway? How can this conversation possibly help my acting career?

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    How Second-Guessing Yourself Can Hurt Your Craft

    Many actors spend too much time trying to “read the reviews." They wonder how their last audition went, what went wrong, and how the casting director, producer or director reacted. We all get occasional phone calls from actors who didn’t think they did well, and want to do it ...