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    Calleri Casting CDs Explain Their Process

    Casting directors James Calleri, Paul Davis, and Erica Jensen of Calleri Casting on starting their casting careers, auditioning for film, TV, and theater, and being inspired by actors.

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    Calleri Casting Looks to Actors for Answers

    Casting directors James Calleri, Paul Davis, and Erica Jensen of Calleri Casting on auditions, résumés, and what makes a good CD.

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    Pilots in Early Production Stages Hire CDs

    In an attempt to avoid the crush of next year’s pilot season, four pilots in the early stages of production—including "Girl Meets World"—now have casting directors attached.

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    3 Common Audition Attitudes and How To Change Them

    Showing up is taking action for your career. It’s the physical presence at the appointment coupled with the emotional presence in the room. It’s being prepared to do your part of the job.

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    4 Hot Tips For Being Off-Book

    For the first audition, we expect you to be completely familiar with the material, to have read the script if available, and to have made distinct character choices. You can look down at your sides for reference as long as your head isn’t buried in them.

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    6 Real Auditions Gone Horribly Wrong

    Casting Director Lana Veenker reveals disastrous actor choices in the audition room…and what to do instead.

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    Count Your Blessings This Holiday Season

    The holiday season is classically a time of high and low emotions. If things in your life and/or career are challenging right now, then perhaps this can be a time to make some internal changes that will resonate in a very positive way.

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    The 5 Acts of Your Audition

    Every actor has a story to tell, and when you walk into the audition room, you need to be prepared to tell it.

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    7 Rules To Live By When Making Your Demo Reel

    When I started teaching actors about the business and how they can empower themselves, it was common to see demo reels that ran between 5-10 minutes long! Now it's more common to see 30/60/90 second reels.

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    26 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Part

    Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive and the one that hangs you up the most and twists you into knots as an actor and a creative being, let’s get into it.