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    How To Catch a Casting Director’s Eye

    So we got the first step—be interesting, be fascinating. But what is an "interesting look"? What makes a headshot fascinating across the board?

  • Interview

    Casting Director Bernard Telsey on Changing His Mind About Actors

    Every actor in New York City knows the name Bernard Telsey; he’s the renowned casting director behind Telsey + Company. One of the biggest casting companies in NYC, Telsey + Company has been behind such recent Broadway hits as “Kinky Boots,” “Newsies,” and “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”

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    The Secret To Great Film Acting

    Theater-trained actors, with limited or no on-camera experience, tend to reveal too much of their work externally. “Less is more” is never truer than when it comes to acting for film.

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    Be Prepared Before You Make the Move to New York or L.A.

    Casting director Marci Liroff shares why actors need to be prepared to make the move to the big city before they actually make the move.

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    Common Missteps Actors Make in On-Camera Auditions

    Although I firmly believe that a solid actor can transcend all mediums, there are usually specific expectations for an on-camera audition that a number of you can use some reminders on.

  • News

    Tomorrow's Power Casting Directors

    Katja Blichfeld, Jessica Daniels, Kate Boka, J.C. Cantu, Joy Dewing, Jeremy Gordon, Stephanie Holbrook, Michelle Lewitt, and Julie Schubert are tomorrow's power casting directors.

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    3 Tips From Casting Director Sarah Finn

    Casting director Sarah Finn, whose credits include "Seven Psychopaths," "Kick-Ass," and all of the Marvel Studios movies, gives actors tips on how to get the part.

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    How to Protect Yourself in an Audition

    No, we’re not. How can an actor give a great audition against all these odds that seem to be set up as an obstacle course to make you fail? Protect yourself.

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    How to Ace an Audition

    Sig De Miguel, the casting director of independent films such as “Gun Hill Road,” “United 93,” and “The Good Shepherd,” tells actors how to make the most of their time in the audition room and the best way to self submit.

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    Why 'Acting Naturally' May Land You the Role

    I can learn more about you before and after the audition, than I can from the audition itself. This is not at all to imply that the audition is unimportant or insignificant. But you would be wise to consider that the entire experience is part of the audition as well.