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    How to Become a Master at Slating

    I’m seeing an epidemic of extremely uncomfortable actors in casting offices across the globe. Actors who are seemingly adept at tackling Shakespeare to Mamet have one major problem—slating.

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    3 Common Audition Attitudes and How To Change Them

    Showing up is taking action for your career. It’s the physical presence at the appointment coupled with the emotional presence in the room. It’s being prepared to do your part of the job.

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    23 Must-Follow L.A. CDs on Twitter

    We've compiled a list of 23 must-follow casting directors on Twitter. Whether they're tweeting about audition tips or just reacting to what they're watching on TV, their insights can be beneficial. Besides, it doesn't hurt having your name pop up as a notification in their Twitter ...

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    15 Ways to Be Happy in 2013

    In the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, here are a few things that might just make it a little easier, even a little more fun, as you create your practice.

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    4 Hot Tips For Being Off-Book

    For the first audition, we expect you to be completely familiar with the material, to have read the script if available, and to have made distinct character choices. You can look down at your sides for reference as long as your head isn’t buried in them.

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    How To Audition for 'Book of Mormon'

    Kate Boka, casting associate for the Broadway and touring productions of “The Book of Mormon,” shares her audition advice.

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    Why Your Shoes Are Important In an Audition

    I’m going to give you the secret to really feeling your character when you’re on stage, on a set, or in an audition. It’s so simple you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t think of it. Shoes. Yes, shoes!

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    Don’t Show Your Underwear At An Audition

    Let’s talk about your underwear for a sec. I know what you’re thinking. My underwear? Isn’t that a little personal? And what does it have to do with auditions anyway? How can this conversation possibly help my acting career?

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    Is It Ever OK to Turn Down Work?

    Casting director and producer Marci Liroff weighs in on whether or not low-quality projects can help or hurt actors.

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    4 Tech Skills Every Actor Needs

    Producer and casting director Marci Liroff wants you to add tech-savvy to your list of special skills!